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Autumn On Windy Pass

More than almost any other state, Montana is a place that brings distinctive visual images to mind. Most of those connotations are ridiculously flattering, and justifiably so – but a few of them are a bit more perverse, and are enough to send…

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Bobcat Football Interview: Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan is a Senior at Montana State University, from Littleton, Colorado, he plays defensive end for the Bobcats. Taylor started his football career as a freshman at Bozeman high before moving to Littleton to continue on with his football…

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Artist Bio

November Cover Artist: Turner Suhler

Turner Suhler grew up in Loveland, Colorado and is a photography major at MSU. While searching for a college, he visited Bozeman and fell in love with the area. Much like home, Montana has endless opportunities for a up and coming action sports and…

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Eat, Drink Give Back

Food; the epitome of the holidays. From family-tested recipes passed down through the generations to classic dishes featured in every cookbook and holiday special on TV, food is always at the center of our celebration. Bozeman is no exception to the…

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Living Local

Getting to Know The Eagles, The Elks, The American Legion

Three Organizations With An Identity of Giving Back

Have you ever wondered what the inner workings of a fraternal organization look like? Maybe you didn’t know there was such a thing. Maybe you’ve never known an Elk or Eagle or Legionnaire. Bozeman is home to three organizations who do a…

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10 Ways to Volunteer Your Time this Season

Can the Griz  MSU Office of Activities and Engagement is seeking volunteers to help us Can the Griz, AGAIN! This years Can the Griz event will take place November 7th-21st. Volunteers are needed to help decorate and distribute boxes around…

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The Bozeman Doc Series’ and BDS Director, Jason Burlage

“Globe-trotting, mind-expanding, emotional-charting, soul-stirring cinematic experiences….This Ain’t No Mall Movie, these..are…DOCUMENTARIES!”

The reason the word ‘documentaries’ is capitalized and in bold is because the documentaries featured in the Bozeman Doc Series are just that: they are bold commentaries: substantive, ambitious, intellectually-stimulating and beautifully…

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Putting the Community into Café

It is difficult, and well near impossible, to find a dining establishment that is open every evening, is centrally located, and caters to all ages and incomes. The Community Café of Bozeman is a unique “restaurant style dinner service…

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Head For The Hills & Trout Steak Revival

Head for the Hills has a simple but continuing dilemma they can’t seem to resolve. Specialists have been hired to no avail and the predicament persists: how does one describe the multifarious music of Head for the Hills? Among the top…

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Greensky Bluegrass Interview with Mike Devol

Greensky Bluegrass is: Anders Beck (dobro), Michael Arlen Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar), Mike Devol (upright bass) and Paul Hoffman (mandolin). “There’s this great duality to our band,” reflects Greensky Bluegrass mandolinist…

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Gratitude: The Emotional Powerhouse

One of the most interesting things about human behavior is how we can be affected by emotional responses. Emotions are neurophysiological responses to a sensory stimulus that causes us to change how we “feel” about a situation. It is easy…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman November Real Estate Report

The Bozeman Real Estate market has seen a rapid climb during the first three quarters of 2015. The overall number of sales is at an all-time high and prices have now risen above previous peak years. This time last year, prices were on the rise but…

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Letter From the Editor

Bozeman's Choice Reader Poll 2015

Our first ever Bozeman’s Choice reader poll is now up and firing on all cylinders. Our big, giant, massive poll covers everything from local restaurants to local media to news issues to arts & entertainment and everything inbetween. There…

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Historic Bozeman

Fort Parker and the Bozeman Economy

The first Crow Indian Agency, or Fort Parker as it is commonly known, was established in 1869 to distribute the annuity goods promised to the Crow tribe in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. Superintendent of Indians for Montana Territory, Alfred…

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Regional Writings

The Most Famous Bear of Greater Yellowstone

An Intimate Portrait of 399

I need to warn: In the new non-fiction book by Bozeman writer Todd Wilkinson, grizzly bears and people die tragically at the hands of each other. “Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek, An Intimate Portrait of 399, the Most Famous Bear of Greater…

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