Bobcat Football Interview: Taylor Sheridan

Jack Thorsen, Angie Ripple  |   Sunday Nov. 1st, 2015

Taylor Sheridan is a Senior at Montana State University, from Littleton, Colorado, he plays defensive end for the Bobcats. Taylor started his football career as a freshman at Bozeman high before moving to Littleton to continue on with his football career. I had a chance to catch up with #90 after the Bobcat practice one Tuesday afternoon in October.

JT: How old where you when you started playing football?

: I was in 5th grade playing in Missoula.

JT: What position did you play in high school?

TS: Defensive end the first years and senior year I was all over the place playing offensive line, linebacker and defensive end as well.

JT: What is your biggest accomplishment in your athletic career?

TS: Being voted captain for the Bobcats this year.

JT: What goals have you made as a Bobcat, and how do you achieve these goals?

TS: Our goal as Bobcats is to win a championship, first the Big Sky, and then the National Championship.

JT: What is your biggest challenge as a Bobcat?

TS: Defiantly balancing school, work and football and other activities. I do getting time for all of them.

JT: What are 1 or 2 things you do for football that are keys to your success?

TS: Our pass rush up front definately, and staying on the men in the short of center of the field.

JT: What are the best parts of being a Bobcat?

TS: Best part by far is the fans and being apart of this community.

JT: Any special game day rituals or any special pre game rituals?

TS: Not a whole lot. I like to listen to a lot of piano stuff, lots of Mozart. It calms me down before I get out here. Also after the captains are done I run down to are National Championship sign and say my prayers.

JT: Do you have any mottos you live by?

TS: Not any specific ones, but most of them have to do with hard work and success.

JT: What do you think you’ve brought to the Bobcats this year?

TS: Leadership is huge. I think we needed a senior player to step up like that, and a defensive player in general.

JT: What do you hope to take away with you at the end of your experience as a Bobcat?

TS: Just memories and being out here with these guys. It’s an awesome experience, and the memories of big wins we’ve had.

JT: I have a couple fun questions real fast. Who’s the Bobcats biggest clown, like who’s always joking around with everybody?

TS: Blake Braun, Matt Brown has some solid moments, and Connor Thomas for sure.

JT: What do you do when you’re not on the field, what do you do for free time?

TS: Free time is taken up by work outs, meetings and school. I love going target shooting, I really like guns. The rest is just playing video games with these guys.

JT: If I were to scroll through your iPod right now what kind of music would I find?

TS: Like I said earlier there’s a lot of Mozart and piano stuff, and if you go through my iTunes from like 8th grade I have a lot of the old school music like Soulja Boy and early Taylor Swift.

JT: Thank you Taylor for your time I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work and see you on the field.

TS: Thank you, Jack.

Taylor Sheridan is a solid leader in the Bobcats defense look for him to continue to have an outstanding season this year for the Bobcats.

The 2015 Bobcat football season has definitely been a rollercoaster. To sum up the season through October 23, the Cats offense has been incredibly explosive, managing to break single season scoring records. The Bobcats have lost numerous clutch games this season but somehow rally back, to keep them in the game until the last minute.

The Season and playoffs affecting losses include falling to Northern Arizona in a very unexpected loss, 49 - 41. Then came the must win game for the Bobcats against number 17 ranked Portland State. The Bobcats offense jump started the game from the beginning taking a commanding lead 14-7, but once again it seems the Bobcats road defense couldn’t shut down the fast pace of the Portland State offense.

The next thing the Bobcats need to worry about is going 9 and 3 overall for the season. My feelings are that for the third straight year in a row The Montana v. Montana State game, “The Brawl of the Wild” will decide the future of the Bobcats playoff chances, a must win for the Bobcats. The Cats have home field advantage, which will play a big part in the game. Because the Grizzlies offense is not in the best shape right now with injuries to quarterback Brady Gustafson, my prediction is that this game is going to be a high powered offensive game with Montana State scratching their way to the finish with a 49-42 victory and making it to the post Season.

There are only three more home games left this  season, come out and show your support for your Montana State Bobcats!! If you can’t make the game check me out at Jack’s kid cat chat on facebook for game updates.  

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