Bozeman's Choice Reader Poll 2015

Angie Ripple, Ramona Mead  |   Sunday Nov. 1st, 2015

Our first ever Bozeman’s Choice reader poll is now up and firing on all cylinders. Our big, giant, massive poll covers everything from local restaurants to local media to news issues to arts & entertainment and everything inbetween. There are 203 questions you get to vote on and/or you get to add your own responses that can, in turn, be voted on by everyone else.

Here is an overview of the eight categories in the Bozeman’s Choice reader poll, and an idea of what you will find within.

Action & Recreation: There is no shortage of options when it comes to this category! From fishing to skiing to natural hot springs, the Gallatin Valley has some of the best recreation spots in the country. People travel from all over the world to partake in the beauty we enjoy every day. Regardless of the season, our trails are accessible, there are races to run and sports teams to support. Think about your favorite spots (we promise they won’t get too crowded!) and the activities that you enjoy. Share them with us so that other locals may discover and enjoy them as well!

Arts & Entertainment: You may not realize it, but Bozeman is a cultured place! Not only are we fortunate to have performers visit from out of town, our community is full of talented individuals who share their gifts by performing, creating and teaching the rest of us. What local art moves you? What performance did you see that kept you talking about it for days? Think about all the amazing talent and culture we see here in the valley and tell us what you love!

Chomping & Chugging: Bozemanites love food, that is evident in the wide variety of eateries constantly popping up around town. If you’re on the go, or in the mood to settle in for a while, there’s a place for you! Southern, Asian, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, local, imported, vegan, organic…you name the category and there’s a place nearby where you can eat. But if there isn’t, tell us that too! We want to know what you love to eat, where you enjoy hanging out and what you think would be a great addition to the list!

Here & There:  There are lots of places around the Gallatin Valley that don’t fit into a specific category, or maybe they fit into more than one. Is there a bar you like that also provides great people watching? A building that is also a historic site? What’s your favorite spot in town? Or your least favorite? Tell us what places inspire you or are simply the most convenient. We want to know where you like to go and why!

Media & Info: With the continuous advancement of the internet and our technological devices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by news and information. That’s why it’s important to have access to reliable local news and weather forecasts. It’s also fun to listen to music being played by people who live here, who are out and about in our community. Tell us who you turn to, who you trust, for news and entertainment here in the Gallatin Valley.

Nightlife & Libations: The craft beer movement is ever growing and we are fortunate to see (and taste!) that first hand, here in the Gallatin Valley. If beer isn’t your thing, there’s a long list of venues for a different type of beverage, or to simply hang out and let off some steam. Where do you go to celebrate? To drown your sorrows? To watch the Big Game? We want to know your favorite places for an evening (or an afternoon)!

Ranting & Raving: Everyone has an opinion but it’s not often you’re asked for them. We know the people who live in this valley love it here but now we want to know what you really think. What works and what doesn’t? What things in the community are most important to you? What do you think this town needs and who do you think are the people who make things happen?

Shopping & Spending: “Shop local” is the mantra of the Bozemanite. It’s almost always easier to buy on Amazon so tell us why you don’t. Which places do you love to throw your money at? Which doctor’s office staff treats you the best? When it comes time to choose a dentist, day care provider or buy a new car, we want locals to be able to check this list for your recommendations!

The January 2016 issue of Bozeman Magazine will divulge the results of the Bozeman’s Choice reader poll.

Get heard, and vote. Thanks for voting, we hope you like it.    

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