November Cover Artist: Turner Suhler

Sunday Nov. 1st, 2015

Turner Suhler grew up in Loveland, Colorado and is a photography major at MSU. While searching for a college, he visited Bozeman and fell in love with the area. Much like home, Montana has endless opportunities for a up and coming action sports and outdoor photographer like himself.

His passion for photography began in high school when he claimed his dad’s camera. Since then he has always had a camera in his hands taking photos of his friends climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skating, or skiing. Turner primarily focuses on action sports, lifestyle, and long-exposure photography, but does a little bit of everything. He also enjoys capturing events at his church and in the community. He is currently a photo volunteer at Fresh Life Church in Bozeman. Turner has shown his work at various galleries in Colorado and has won several awards.

If you care to see more of his work visit, find him on Instagram @turnershu, or call him at (970)214-9286.