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So You're Planning a Fishing Trip?

A couple months ago I received a phone call from my buddy James asking if I wanted to go to his bachelor party in April. Obviously, not being one to miss out on a good time I said something along the lines of “Hell yes! What are the dates and…

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Artist Bio

May Cover Artist: Michael Chilcoat

Mike found the Rocky Mountain west in his early 20’s after growing up an Army brat on the East coast and in Europe. In his quest for putting down roots,  starting in Colorado, he picked up a film camera in 1996 to document his adventures…

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14 North Mixology

If you have been to 14 North, you know they have great dinner entree’s. Mason, the head chef, uses as many locally sourced items as possible to highlight his tasteful menu. Recently Bozeman Magazine staff were able to sample some of 14…

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@SurlyAmy: I just got Chicago pizza delivered to my door. We live in a magical wonderland, my friends.@FOX29philly: Happy National #CheesesteakDay! How do you like your cheesesteak? #PhillyCheesesteak @ChrisFox29 Yum, my first time! #pastrami with…

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Living Local

(If) Only in Bozeman

The 15th of May marks the 15th anniversary of my living in Bozeman, Montana. I arrived from Seattle, my little green Rav4 loaded down with trash bags full of clothes and a couple of cats (a brother and sister who despised one another and who also…

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Old Town/New Town: Is the Doctor In?

Please don’t make me tell you again. Okay, I will give you a hint, but it is subtle and you will have to guess. It has to do with moving from Wolf Point in northeast Montana (Old Town) to Bozeman (New Town) and all of the changes we’ve…

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May Editors Note

Future Explorers of Montana

In an April 14 article from Christopher Ingraham in The Washington Post he debunks the myth that children are less safe now than ever. His stats show that reports of missing children are down 40% since 1997 and “In fact, only 0.1 percent of…

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First Quarter “Red Flags”

The first quarter of 2015 has ended.

The first quarter of 2015 has ended. The 30-day accounts receivable should be in hand and now it’s time to review how your year is beginning. Here are a few things to examine that will get your off to a better start.Average SaleAverage sale is…

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Interview: the kitchen dwellers

The Kitchen Dwellers are one of Bozeman’s most well-known and loved bands, selling out shows and delighting audiences throughout the Northwest for close to four years, and they have no plans on slowing down anytime soon.Last summer the group…

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Kick up your Feet at The Zebra

Venue Profile

The sprawling basement of the Bozeman Hotel oozes history, from the old original brick walls and archways to the 100-year-old bar. In more recent history the space has housed celebrated hangouts like Rosa’s Cantina and  Rock’s Bar…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman Zestimate

People that have used the internet to search for Real Estate anytime in the past few years have probably come across the Real Estate website Zillow. In addition to providing information about properties for sale, Zillow has also come up with a tool…

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The Hive Art Show

The Hive is a group art show that will be taking place at the newly renovated Foundry, starting on May 9th at 6pm. There will be a variety of works shown, ranging from video installation, mixed media, illustration to sculpture and…

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Walking Sideways

Native Proclamations, Blood Splatters, and Commandeering the 406

April 3rd : Project MTF: Moving Talent Forward Pulling into the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn, half a dozen Telsa electric vehicle charging spaces slide past on my right; a reminder that we’re living in a strange period of time, a time…

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Featured Bozemanite

Interview: Jack Horner

AR: I grew up in St. Ignatius, Montana and I was wondering, what it was like growing up in Shelby?JH: That’s a good question. The wind blew hard. It was 60 miles to Glacier, so we went over there a lot.AR: Are there a lot of dinosaurs in…

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Historic Bozeman

Evaluating Bozeman's NCOD

The City of Bozeman is evaluating the regulatory component of our community’s historic preservation program. Established in 1991, the City’s Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) is a locally- adopted zoning district that…

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Regional Writings

Appetite Travel: Touring the Earth’s Pulse

Worse comes to worse, you can live off beans and rice, and a little bit of cumin”, said Juanita, my best friend’s mother, when she found out we were leaving sunny Miami, Florida, and moving to Montana. She knew about my healthy appetite…

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