August 2014

Happy Birthday Bozeman

Summer 2014 marks Bozeman’s 150th birthday, also known as a sesquicentennial

Courtney Kramer

John Bozeman (1835-1867), left his wife and three daughters in Pickens County, Georgia in 1858 to participate in the Colorado gold rush.

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August 2014

Bozeman, Montana The Sweet Pea City

Sweet Pea From Carnival to Festival

Angie Ripple

Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley have been known as the valley of the flowers since only native Americans roamed the area. In the early 1900’s over 17,000 acres of the valley were planted in edible peas harvested both for canning and seed. In…

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July 2014

The View From My Window

Growing up and returning to Bozeman.

Fritz Shallah

Aah! “Montana; The Last Best Place.” I left here before it was “discovered”, when a resort at Big Sky was still Chet Huntley’s “folly” and MSU was a small, aggie college.

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