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Stalking Trophies

In the trout world there are very few greater feelings than head hunting and landing a trophy brown trout on a dry fly. Rivers such as the Henrys Fork, the Missouri River below Craig, and the various spring creeks that flow around the West provide…

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Artist Bio

July Cover Artist: Steven Fullerton

Steven Fullerton is a 25 year old living in Bozeman, MT. Steven was born and raised in Rapid City, SD, on the east edge of the beautiful Black Hills. Surprisingly large peaks and granite spires fill the island of hills, jetting out of the vast…

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New Eats and Drinks for Summer Time

Boy, when summer time hits in Bozeman, you can feel it. I’m not just talking about the heat though. I’m talking about the excitement, the veritable buzz in the air as people venture out to farmers’ markets, live music, summertime…

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Living Local

A Vision of Bozeman’s Future

A bead of sweat dropped from my eyelid as I looked over to the wall of Bozeman High School’s South cafeteria and saw the painting that my graduating class, the class of 2007, signed as we prepared to embark on our lives. I was shocked. Nine…

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How To Create A Buying Comfort Zone

Long before the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision, corporations were considered legal entities, or “people” in the eyes of the law.But what about your customers? How do they see your business?Do they see a cold…

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Tim Montana & The Shrednecks

One thing that’s true about America no matter where you go: Hard work eventually pays off. Just ask Tim Montana and The Shrednecks, who recently commenced a springtime run as the opening act for their fellow mostly bearded rock compatriots ZZ…

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The Schools Zone

An Interview with Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools

Kenny T: Thank you Dave School’s for taking time out of your busy day to sit down with us here at Bozeman Magazine, how are you doing today? Dave Schools: Doing great, it’s a beautiful day in Denver, Colorado. KT: You are at Red…

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The Braun Brothers Reunion Festival

Bringing Americana Music to the Rockies

For a dedicated Americana music fan residing in the Northern Rocky Mountains, there’s probably no better gathering than the Braun Brothers Reunion held every August in Challis, Idaho, 290 miles SW of Bozeman.The Braun Brothers Reunion began in…

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Beats Antique with special guests TAUK

Chicken Jam West and Bridger Brewing are proud to announce an all ages show taking place on July 23 at Bridger Brewing (OUTDOORS - front parking lot) Beats Antique with special guests TAUK. Tickets are on sale at Cactus Records & Gifts, Bridger…

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Spice Up Summer!

As we fully embrace our Bozeman summer fun there are a couple of ways we can really spice up our diets for some amazing health benefits and also for some wonderful gustatory experiences too. Spices have been used throughout history for making food…

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Real Estate

July Bozeman Real Estate Report

As one can see by looking at the included numbers, Bozeman’s market continues to remain hot. Many buyers have been frustrated lately to end up in multiple offer situations, some even losing out on multiple homes. In a multiple offer situation…

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Letter From the Editor

Make Bozeman Great Again

This is an article for the old school Bozemanite. If you just moved here (this is subjective, you’ve probably already noticed your aren’t considered a local until you’ve been here at least 5.76 years), or if you are passing through…

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Historic Bozeman

German Time Traveler

An Adventure Through Time

Do you sometimes think back to the times when Grandparents had the most interesting stories to tell, or even the boring ones? Stories that usually start with… ‘When I was your age’ or ‘back in the day’? Those anecdotes…

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The Dahl Family’s World War II Experience

Patriotism, Sacrifice, & Victory

When the United States entered World War II in December 1941, young and old from across America rose to the challenge and did what they could to serve their country. Sentiment was no different in Bozeman, where groups of Red Cross volunteers rolled…

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Regional Writings

Book 1 of the Bozeman Apocalypse Series

Downtown Noir

I don’t often read for fun, but when I won a copy of Patrik Hill’s Downtown Noir at a recent Bozeman Maker’s Mark I couldn’t resist diving into the Bozeman Apocalypse crime novel. Having no idea what to expect I was instantly…

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What's Your Beef?


The reason this article is untitled is that if you knew the topic at a glance you probably wouldn’t read it. Why? Well, there are approximately 749 books, publications, articles and other resources available locally on the subject. So, to get…

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