January 2023

On Being In One's Element

Scott Parker

My whole life, I’ve been on a first-name basis with the rain. I know it intimately and directly, like gravity or my own breath, and therefore trust it. It is the only element I inhabit without hesitation or self-consciousness. It is, in fact…

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December 2022

Is It Safe To Bike In Bozeman?

Steve McGann, photos by Mars Fagin

Recently, there have been two people killed while riding bicycles in Bozeman, both struck by motor vehicles. As our hearts ache for the families and friends of these two men, we are left to ask ourselves how, and why?I have been riding bicycles in…

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October 2022

Weather, Light, Seasons

Steve McGann

In the course of a day, it is possible to have multiple conversations with various people, from strangers to friends, and speak only of the weather. The subject is current, even immediate; historic, yet in the future; benign or raging, it’s all…

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September 2022

The Bear & Me

Peter Brancaccio

Fear is relative. Until you are in the middle of it. Last week, at dawn, I drove up the Taylor Fork Road to the four-mile mark. At the split, I turned south and followed Wapiti Creek until the dirt road ended. Two moose were grazing out on a piece of…

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September 2022

Forest Bathing: A Dose of Nature

Kelly Nicholson

I woke up this morning in a shady, creekside campground south of Red Lodge, and finally realized why I’ve been feeling down the last few weeks: I’ve been spending too much time inside. The summer heat has made me lethargic; my packed…

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August 2022

Fish Photos

Jeff Beyl

I don’t take pictures of fish anymore. Well, I take that back. Sometimes, I do. You know the pictures I mean. Smiling, holding the trout out in front of you, trying to look cool. We’ve all taken them. We’ve all shown them around…

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