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Yellowstone National Park: Nature’s Teapot

Years ago, my first Science Fair project was entitled “Nature’s Teapot!” I had visited Old Faithful and Yellowstone Park that summer and was now an expert on geysers. There is something amazing about watching, smelling, and visiting…

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Artist Bio

October Cover Artist: Josh Maierle

Josh Maierle is a third generation Montanan living in Bozeman. Josh wonders if you can relate to how Montana gets under your skin, in a good way, in a way that never leaves once it’s there. This place, the colors, landscapes, wildlife and…

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South 9th Bistro

In 2012, Hank Fargot bought the big yellow Victorian house near the corner of College and 9th Avenue. Built sometime toward the end of the 19th century, the structure had been a private home for many years and then became a restaurant known as Casa…

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Living Local

A House to Clean

Would you like to hear a ghost story? To begin, I should make it very clear that ghosts do not exist. Feel free to have your own opinions about this, but a human soul cannot be bound to the world after death. Demons, however, roam the world and only…

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Modern Sons: The Weird Years

In the four years since the release of “Moon Raccoon,” Bozeman-based rock band, Modern Sons, has not been treading water. An experimental EP release, lineup turmoil, and simply being human in the modern age left room for a new…

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Real Estate

Home Fall Prep

Summer seemed a little shorter this year than some others. However, the reprieve from smoke was welcomed in comparison to the past few summers. As our nights get cooler and we move into fall, it’s a great time of year to look around the house…

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Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory

The Montana art community suffered a gigantic loss in 2016 when Dave Kirk passed away. Dave was an artist, a friend, and the owner and curator of Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory, a beloved art gallery in Willow Creek, Montana.Aunt…

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Historic Bozeman

Bozeman’s Week of Horror

It was a somber winter Sunday in the burgeoning town of Bozeman. The date was February 2, 1873, and a small procession accompanied a tiny coffin along the muddy streets toward the graveyard on the hill.   If not for a crowd gathering outside…

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Not Just a Collection of Curios

There are many wonderful stories to be told with items at the Gallatin History Museum. For years now, two items in particular have been on display in the old Jailer’s Office/Gallows Room: a wooden potato masher identified as a murder weapon by…

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Screen & Stage

Theater at the Museum of the Rockies

People don’t generally think of a museum as a venue for live theater. In the case of the Museum of the Rockies, for instance, people usually think of dinosaurs, Native American artifacts, and some pioneer-era exhibit pieces. However, this fall…

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What's Your Beef?

What's Your Beef? Loud Pipes

So, tell me how is it that law enforcement can pick out a loud party, but they can’t pick out a loud motorcycle?  Several years ago, while on a family vacation in Glacier National Park, we hiked into the Granite Park Chalet.  Five…

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Top 10 List

Top 10 Activities For Fall in Bozeman

Fall is such a glorious time here in Bozeman! The colors are beautiful, there’s a chill in the air and everyone is soaking it up before settling in for a long winter. Here are the ten best ways to take advantage of fall in Bozeman.  VISIT…

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