October Cover Artist: Josh Maierle

Tuesday Oct. 1st, 2019

Josh Maierle is a third generation Montanan living in Bozeman. Josh wonders if you can relate to how Montana gets under your skin, in a good way, in a way that never leaves once it’s there. This place, the colors, landscapes, wildlife and people are constant sources of creative energy for him. He finds so much uniqueness and beauty in the lines and intricacies of faces, the movement and hues in feathers and fur, and the flow of landscapes. Josh is new to art and didn’t pick up his first sketchbook and pencil until 2015. With some encouragement from the right people, a bit of heartbreak, and the desire to start creating things from his heart, Josh started sketching and this hobby soon turned into a bit of an obsession.

“I started experimenting with lots of different mediums and for some reason when I started pulling flowing strokes on a glass screen with a stylus, that was it, I found the movement I was looking for.”

Josh creates art purely for the enjoyment and presence it brings to his life, and the longer he does this the more appreciative and connected he feels to the world around him. 

“I’m always so incredibly humbled and appreciative when I get to share my art with the community!”
maierleart.com will be completely overhauled this winter to feature all of Josh’s work. For questions or inquiries regarding prints or commissions call him at 406-570-8869. Instagram @jmmaierle