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Days In The Hood

Sledding Bear Canyon

Bozeman has long been a snow dog’s paradise. Winter, the reigning season in this mountain country, has produced a love of the frozen outdoors for generations. Long before “Cold Smoke” drifted its white foam behind the trails of…

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5 Tips for Fitness Success in the New Year

What is fitness? We could say that fitness is having a body with balanced muscular strength, healthy internal systems (heart, lungs, and nervous system), cardiovascular endurance, appropriate body weight, and a positive mental attitude. Achieving…

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The Pursuit of Peace & Powder

Silence. When was the last time you heard it? Do we even know what it is any more? To me, silence is not a lack of sound; it is the presence of only natural sound. The hush of falling snow, tickling your cheeks, making tiny tack tack sounds on your…

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Artist Bio

December Cover Artist: Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson is an adventure photographer. He has worked for brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, Dynastar Skis, and editorial and web clients include, NPR, Powder Magazine, Vice Media, and ESPN. Jason has made his home in Bozeman since 1999…

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MAP Brewing: Officially On The MAP

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful, sun-shiny Saturday afternoon drive on the edge of Bozeman. You leave the din of the interstate interchange for the industrial vibe of Griffin Drive, still itching for something a little less crowded. You turn left…

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Living Local

The Case of the Stolen Citation

I’ve gone through many cars, and just last year my wife and I bought our first new one. But one car stands out.My generous parents presented me with this most excellent ride in 1992. The Chevy Citation was a not-so-classic of its day, but if…

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Where Does Bozeman’s Water Come From?

Let’s face it, we are pretty lucky to be able to call Bozeman home. The sheer beauty and countless natural amenities make Bozeman a very special place. But this is not exactly news. People have called the Valley of the Flowers home for…

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Driving In Snow

The return to winter driving always reminds me of my first winter out on my own living above Eckle’s Department Store in downtown Dodge City, Kansas. Snowstorms in western Kansas usually mean lots of wind, bare fields, and huge drifts. On…

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Conquer Winter Together

Some wish it would come sooner, others wish it would not come at all, but every year, winter does arrive. And this year winter arrived with a bang. Overnight, several inches of snow, ice, and wind that slowed traffic to a crawl and had Bozeman…

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New Smarter Goals For 2016

As 2015 winds down it’s time for an assessment of the past year and to think about goals and procedures for 2016. The first order of business is usually to sit down with all the info and set goals for the coming year. Nothing wrong with this…

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(Hed)p.e. at Faultline North Dec 6

The quest to uncover the truth has given California-based hardcore pioneers (Hed)p.e. new life. While the band has weathered the stormy waters of the music business for over a decade and enjoyed a slew of successful albums, it’s their quest…

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Chicken Jam West: Cure For The Common & Satsang

Cure for the Common is a 6-piece funk arsenal originating from Bozeman, Montana and based out of a tour bus near you. Combining their affinity for deep dance grooves with a love for searing progressive rock peaks, the 5-piece outfit has found the…

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Imagine a Cowboy Xmas...

Imagine a morning during the Christmas season where family and friends come together to enjoy the spirit of Christmas in a setting dating back to an earlier century. Imagine walking into the awesome foyer of the elegant, historic Gallatin Gateway…

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Don’t Be S.A.D. -- You Live in Bozeman

As we approach the shortest day of the year, we here in Bozeman really feel the effects of less sunlight each day. There is a true medical condition associated with this change called seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D for short. SAD is a…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman December Real Estate Report

Many people often ask about timing the market. What is the best time of year to buy? What is the best time of year to sell? Looking at sales in 2014, the busiest month of the year for new contracts was April, during which 111 homes went under…

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Rewind To Fast-Forward

an autobiographical documentary about Sasha Joseph Neulinger, a survivor of multigenerational child sexual abuse

In the United States alone, 1 out of every 3 girls, and 1 out of every 5 boys are sexually abused before they reach the age of 18. In reality, the number may be higher—many survivors of childhood sexual abuse never tell anyone about their…

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Letter From the Editor

I Ski, You Ski, We All Ski MT

For me skiing began before I could talk—on the back of my father, cross-country skiing through the wilderness of Montana. It took until I was sixteen to meet a friend excited enough about downhill skiing to volunteer to teach me. Her home…

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Historic Bozeman

Live up to your license plate Bozeman

October 15 was my last day as Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Bozeman. Rather than the usual article about a place or person important in our community’s history, this article is a soliloquy on the state of cultural resource…

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Regional Writings
What's Your Beef?

Sent to Atlanta

You should understand the background story first, or else the remaining part won’t make any sense. It probably won’t make sense even if you know the background, but that’s your problem, not mine.It is very important that you not…

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