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Being a Trail Ambassador

The College M is one of the most popular trailheads in the Gallatin Valley, and parking is at a premium this beautiful Saturday afternoon in July as I set up a Trail Ambassador table near the trailhead kiosk. As soon as I place a water dispenser and…

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Ice Ice Baby

Bozeman Hockey

It has been nine years since the 3,500-seat multi-purpose Valley Ice Garden was sold to Cardinal Distributing and renovated from the states most impressive indoor ice rink into a cold storage warehouse. Since the Ice Garden’s sale several local…

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Rx for Trails

GVLT has started a pilot phase of the TrailsRx program, an innovative partnership with medical providers to encourage trail use among patients. Many of the people who could benefit most from outdoor physical activity have never done it before or feel…

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Artist Bio

October Cover Artist: Aaron Hyatt

Aaron Hyatt is a sixth generation Montanan, a devotee to integrity, a climber of rocks, a follower of rivers, a skier, a thinker, an optimist and an artist. About the Altered Architecture Project from which this months cover photo was selected Aaron…

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Cafe Fresco

Come for the Food, Stay for the Atmosphere

Two words come to mind after a night out at Fresco Café: rich and vibrant. On the corner of Mendenhall and Rouse, just a stone’s throw from bustling Main Street, Bill and Susan Neubauer have carved out a unique niche in the Bozeman food…

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Doyle in Bozeman Oct 4

EX-Misfit guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein breaks new ground with His first Solo Record as “DOYLE”

Released on Doyle’s own label, Monsterman Records, Abominator is a sonically thick and lyrically evil slab of horror- punk tinged metal that finds Doyle expanding in a logical progression upon the genre of music he helped create. Doyle’s…

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The Age of The Innocents

A favorite local haunt will feature a popular Bozeman band on Halloween night, when The Innocents take the stage at the Eagles Lodge downtown. The Innocents may be better known to most area residents as the Booze Hounds, the name of the band which…

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Time to Think About Christmas

It’s that time of year. If you’re a retail location you have probably already placed your order for Christmas merchandise. But that’s only the start of how to have a successful holiday shopping season.If I asked 100 business owners…

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Brain Sucking Zombies

Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep in a cold sweat in a dark room scared to death from a nightmare where a zombie was trying to eat your brain? Zombies are mythical creatures, defined as the undead, mindless corpses that want to feed on human…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman October Real Estate Report

By now almost everyone in the area has heard, Bozeman Real Estate is as strong as it’s ever been. 2015 is proving to be one of the biggest years ever for the local Real Estate market. Year to date, 693 single family homes have sold in the…

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Featured Bozemanite

Talking Shop with Bozeman’s Mayor

The mayor that Bozemanites elect this November won’t actually begin to serve their term in that capacity until 2017.Instead, the candidate voters send to the seat will serve the first two years of their four-year term as Deputy Mayor, a…

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Historic Bozeman

Mediums in Montana

Spiritualism in The Old West

Not all the stories in Bozeman’s past are those of triumph and positivity. There have been scandals, murders, and unsolved mysteries. This is the side of history often swept under the rug, but there is a group in town, comprised of history…

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Buildings That HAUNT Bozeman Construction Sites

Bozeman generally prioritizes preservation of our historic buildings. Two demolitions, however, will haunt Bozeman contractors in the next year. Workers demolishing the existing bank building on the North West corner of West Mendenhall and North…

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A Haunted Hotel Over The Hill

The Murray Hotel in Livingston has had many guests since it was first constructed over a century ago, and if the stories are to be believed, it could be that some of them have never left.Originally called the Elite Hotel when it was first constructed…

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Regional Writings

8th Annual Children’s Festival of the Book

Bozeman Public Library

What do digging holes and knitting sweaters have in common? Not much you may think, but both are the activities of choice in the witty, wonderful, and magical children’s books written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen. With the help…

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Screen & Stage

International Independent Video Store Day

October 17

My family and I moved to Bozeman when I was five years old. We didn’t move for reasons related to careers or other financial incentives, we came out west for the same reason many people come, to live near nature, and to escape the city with its…

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What's Your Beef?

An Ode to Bozeman

The Homogenized Milk of Northwestern Towns, and Autumn Activities to Prevent Total Ennui Within It

Fall is upon us again, blablabla another year of more rich people moving in and poor people moving out. The sweet sounds of the blandest Americana music imaginable waft from every Subaru window, thousands of identically Patagonia clad college kids…

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