October Cover Artist: Aaron Hyatt

Thursday Oct. 1st, 2015

Aaron Hyatt is a sixth generation Montanan, a devotee to integrity, a climber of rocks, a follower of rivers, a skier, a thinker, an optimist and an artist.

About the Altered Architecture Project from which this months cover photo was selected Aaron writes: “Logic trumped the supernatural before I began this project, yet my interest in the idea compelled me to go search for myself. If ghosts exist, stories say they would most likely be encountered at night, and what more likely place to see the supernatural than in abandoned forests and mountain ghost towns.  So, saving my spotlight for when the paranoia peaked I wandered around for hours in remote darkness listening and trying to reason with any unexpected sounds. Then, through embracing a superstitious speculation, I began to see ghosts, not ghosts in the traditional sense, rather phantoms within a relationship, a connection between the abandon ambitions of man and the prevailing presence of nature.”   

Aaron can currently be found either building himself a house or photographing his surroundings. See more of his work at www.aaronhyattphoto.com, contact him at am.hyatt13@gmail.com or 406-381-1434.