May 2020

Navigating New Waters

Greg Louzan

With women being the fastest growing demographic in fly fishing and Bozeman being one of the fastest growing towns in the nation, it’s not too much of a stretch to realize that Bozeman may be the epicenter of the boom in women fly…

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May 2020

Climbing Kilimanjaro at 60

by Phil Knight

Even though I am a lifelong climber and mountaineer, before this year I’d never ventured higher than Mount Rainier, 14,410 feet. I had a desire to experience high altitude, somewhere close to 20,000 feet if possible. Like many…

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April 2020

Top 10 Spring Hikes in Bozeman

Kate Springer

Spring hiking in Bozeman can be a bit tricky. Many forest service roads are closed this time of year which makes accessing some of Bozeman’s most popular hikes a bit more difficult. So, when it comes to spring hiking in Bozeman…

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February 2020

Heads, Fingers, Feet & Toes

Montana Grant

Like the song says, if you want to be happy and warm when outdoors, make sure these areas are cozy and comfortable. I know that I took some liberty with the lyrics of the original campfire song, but if these areas are not covered, then misery…

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