December 2015

Sent to Atlanta

Jerry Schuster

You should understand the background story first, or else the remaining part won’t make any sense. It probably won’t make sense even if you know the background, but that’s your problem, not mine.It is very important that you not…

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October 2015

An Ode to Bozeman

The Homogenized Milk of Northwestern Towns, and Autumn Activities to Prevent Total Ennui Within It

Birdie Hall

Fall is upon us again, blablabla another year of more rich people moving in and poor people moving out. The sweet sounds of the blandest Americana music imaginable waft from every Subaru window, thousands of identically Patagonia clad college kids…

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September 2015

The Rules Committee

Jerry Schuster

One thing I’ve noticed about new town, aka Bozeman; sure are a lot of rules around here! Problem is, not everyone has to follow them. Let me explain.First, a bit of background. During my forty plus years of law practice in old town, aka Wolf…

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August 2015

Making the case for a 73 year old socialist:

It’s us and Bernie Sanders against the world

Birdie Hall

Another election will soon be upon us and, as usual, the prospects don’t look promising. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are running for president. Our token democrat Hillary Clinton, frosted blonde love child of conservative oil and pseudo-liberals…

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July 2015

Old Town/New Town: Fitn’ In

Jerry Schuster

Okay Bozeman. Here is the one you have been anticipating and you finally get it, so read on and enjoy.We’ve been discussing all the differences that my wife Theresa and I noticed after moving from Wolf Point in northeastern Montana to Bozeman…

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June 2015

Bozeman’s Pothole Problem

The pothole hotline number is 582-3208

Pat Hill

  The potholes that inhabit the streets of the Greater Bozeman area seem to be a never-ending source of irritation, whether a traveler is on foot, on a bicycle, or in a vehicle. Some of these suckers will swallow a small car. And the same…

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April 2015

Old Town/New Town: Grocery Shopping 101

Jerry Schuster

Last time I told you that I would not mention again that my wife and I moved from Wolf Point to Bozeman for “semi-retirement.” Therefore, just ignore this opening paragraph if you remember that from last time. If you do remember, please…

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February 2015

What’s Your Beef?

A curmudgeon speaks

Fritz Shallah

Let me be the first to admit my aversion to technology. I remember when inventive technology meant color television and computers the size of warehouses. I struggle to adapt to a world where Dick Tracy’s futuristic wrist watch is not just a…

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