March 2021

Plant Therapy in the Pandemic

Kat Forester

If you are struggling to find things to do in the pandemic, then maybe consider getting a leafy green friend for your home. After nurturing your plant and waiting for it to grow, there is nothing better than seeing a new leaf emerge on your…

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August 2020

Top 10 Classic Bozeman Businesses

Angie Jamison

Western CafeThis one is getting a fresh burst of popularity thanks to the younger generations having found out about it.  It’s also where everyone wants to bring visitors to give them the “Montana” experience.  What we…

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June 2020

The Wrap Agency

The Wrap Agency is more than a vinyl and sign shop. We’re a team of businessmen and women, graphic designers, printers, and expert installers - a complete creative agency at heart. Our team values quality jobs, high-quality products…

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December 2018

Once Upon A Child

Kids look so great in stylish outfits, but who wants to pay high-end prices when clothes are outgrown so quickly? Once Upon A Child offers the perfect solution: the latest in gently used brand name clothes, shoes, toys, books, equipment, and…

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December 2016

OULA Studio Bozeman

When you first walk into the tucked away OULA Studio Bozeman, right across from Wild Crumb Bakery on Wallace, you will be greeted with hugs and huge smiles, top 40s music pumping from the studio, and chatty women of all ages, body types and walks of…

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September 2016

Are Your Ads Invisible?

Tom Egelhoff

Were there tire ads in the newspaper today? Could you answer that truthfully under oath? Chances are you didn’t see any tire ads when you read the paper even though they were there. So how did you miss them? Your “Filter”.Your…

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May 2016

Moda Fashion Truck

Boutique on Wheels

Angie Ripple

You’ve heard of food trucks, heck you’ve probably eaten from a few! But I’ll bet you’ve probably not heard of a fashion truck. Fashion trucks don’t serve food, just tasty trendsetting styles for your wearing pleasure…

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June 2015

What Exactly Is Energy Healing?

The McKay Method

The word healing indicates that all aspects of a person are involved and connected - our understanding that spiritual, emotional, psychological states have direct physical impacts. You can’t deny the physiological impacts of anger (increased…

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April 2015

Refuge Sustainable Building Center

Building Healthy Environments Inside & Out

When Bozeman Magazine asked REFUGE if we’d be interested in writing a blurb for the Sustainability issue we thought “OF COURSE!” Why not jump on our soap box made of ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS and speak the earth friendly…

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