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Arts & Crafts For Adults: Tying Flies

Summer is fading into fall and soon winter will be arriving in the valley. Anglers will begin chasing fall brown trout while watching cottonwoods morph into colorful works of art before littering the rivers with bright leaves in preparation for…

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The Centenarian Club

Turning 100 years old

A Centenarian is a person who lives to be 100 years old. There are certain areas of the world that have higher populations of people who live to be 100, but there are people in all parts of the world who also live that long. Living to be 100 is no…

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2015 Bobcat Football

The Recipe for Excitement

2015 Montana State Bobcats football season gets underway September 3 at Bobcat Stadium. The Bobcats will play the Fort Lewis Sky Hawks under the lights. The last time the Bobcats met the Sky Hawks was 2010 and was coach Rob Ash’s fourth…

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Artist Bio

Featured Artist September: Zach Hoffman

100th issue photographer

Zach Hoffman was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and in 2012 graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Photography. In the Fall of 2012 Zach began his Masters studies in Photography at Lesley…

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John Bozeman’s Bistro A Downtown Experience

John Bozeman was an enterprising adventurer seeking gold. His get-rich-quick schemes in Colorado and Deer Lodge, Montana just didn’t pan out, so in 1863 he decided to settle in the Gallatin Valley in hopes of finding a new revenue source: the…

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What Are Your Customers REALLY Thinking?

How many customers do you service in a year? For some companies it might be only one or two. For others it could be thousands or even millions. But do you have any idea what or how they think?Some customers will never darken your door because some…

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Finding A Career You Love In Bozeman

You can do anything you put your mind to. You can have a career you love. Do you agree or disagree with these statements? One thing we can agree on is the variety of people in Bozeman, who all have one thing in common…besides their affinity…

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Elephant Revival

Where words fail... music speaks.That simple line atop Elephant Revival’s Facebook page contains only five words, but reveals volumes about the band’s reason for being. Music unites us in ways that no other medium can. Even when we…

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Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia brings to the world new sounds, stories, and songs collected across oceans and originally sculpted to embody our human journey, our global community, and the treasures and troves of soul harmony. Led by sisters Leah and Chloe, the…

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My Name is Farch and I am the Future

It’s not as if every rapper you approach wouldn’t tell you that they are the future, well the young rappers will anyway. But when Jesse Frohreich, aka Farch, says it you get more than an inkling that he is on to something more than…

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The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band

The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band bridges genres and eras with an intensity and effortlessness few contemporary artists possess. And their new album So Deliciouselevates the trio’s work to a new level. Produced by Rev. Peyton, So Delicious…

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Jackyl at Faultline North

It's been nearly 20 years since Jackyl shot out of Georgia with its wild, untamed and uncouth approach to rock 'n' roll. Equal parts hard rock, heavy metal and Southern rock, Jackyl formed in 1991 and brought back rock 'n' roll back -- back to its…

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The Centenarian Club

Turning 100 years old

A Centenarian is a person who lives to be 100 years old. There are certain areas of the world that have higher populations of people who live to be 100, but there are people in all parts of the world who also live that long. Living to be 100 is no…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman September Real Estate Report

Its been a great summer in Bozeman, but summer is slowly making its way out. Tourist and construction traffic have been replaced with Montana State University students making their return to town.While Bozeman is proud to have many varied industries…

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Fresh Eyes

100 Days in Bozeman

Part of the Whole

Tuesday, September 8, will mark our 100th day since we moved to Bozeman. It also just happens to coincide with Bozeman Magazine’s 100th Anniversary issue. In an effort to try new things, and ingratiate myself with my new community, I reached…

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Letter From the Editor

September Editors Note

100 Issues of Bozeman Magazine

Welcome to the 100th issue! We are very proud of this amazing achievement and thankful to you for reading, and for our advertisers who have supported us by investing in their businesses and using the power of print to get themselves seen!To…

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Historic Bozeman

Who Is That? A Look at Bozeman Statues

Regardless of how long you’ve been in Bozeman, be it a decade, a year, or a week, chances are you’ve noticed one or more of the interesting pieces of artwork located throughout town. If you’re like me, you’ve driven by a…

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The Montana of Andrew Garcia

Tales of trappers and traders on the Montana frontier often involve names like Jim Bridger or John Colter, but those early mountain men didn’t have a corner on the story-telling market. A man named Andrew Garcia, whom most people have never…

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Screen & Stage

And Featuring Montana As Itself

Montana in the movies

The Enterprise-D, with Captain Picard at the helm and his crew at the ready, is mapping the Typhon Expanse, an area of space to which, of course, no one has gone before. The stardate, for those keeping track, is 45652.1, which probably makes it…

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What's Your Beef?

The Rules Committee

One thing I’ve noticed about new town, aka Bozeman; sure are a lot of rules around here! Problem is, not everyone has to follow them. Let me explain.First, a bit of background. During my forty plus years of law practice in old town, aka Wolf…

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