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High Temps Cool Waters

It’s a way of life in Montana--the winters are cold and the summers are hot. With this year’s sub-par snow pack and an early heat wave, we’ve already experienced some fishing restrictions on our local water. While the main rivers…

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Shooting the Big Sky

Novice filmmakers expertly shoot Montana’s recreational opportunities

Three years ago, Matt Redding and Joel Stevenson had never worked with a video camera or attempted to edit video footage. Now, the two long-time friends work together to shoot and produce a television show called Big Sky Outdoors. “We consulted…

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Artist Bio

Craft in Bozeman: Bozeman Spirits Distillery

When you first step through the door of Bozeman Spirits Distillery, it’s obvious that something is being created there. Just like the local beer breweries, the smell can vary from day to day, depending on what’s being brewed. On the day…

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Living Local

Montana Cannabis 2015

There are currently 4 states that have legalized recreational marijuana, 23 states that allow medicinal use, and 11 additional states that have passed CBD-only laws. (CBD - Cannabidiol is one of the active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.) It…

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One Book, One Bozeman

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot Discovery Changes Everything

Dictionaries have several listed definitions of the word “immortal,” but one can pretty easily clump those together into three basic categories: not subject to death; remembered or celebrated through all time; and (of a…

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Do Your Competitors Fear You?

Fear gives one business a distinct advantage over another. Fear creates urgency in your competitor that can create mistakes and increase your advantage. It’s an important part of business to always keep competitors thinking about you rather…

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Sir Mix-A-Lot at Faultline North

Sir Mix-A-Lot parlayed a gonzo tribute to women with large buttocks into hip-hop immortality. But even before he struck crossover gold, Sir Mix-A-Lot was one of rap’s great D.I.Y. success stories. Coming from a city — Seattle — with…

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Bow Thayer CD Review

“Sundowser is catchy - in a good way”

I was given the CD Sundowser from a friend with very little information shared about it. Coincidentally   I was also going to Idaho for the weekend so I popped it in the van’s CD player and took off down the road. It turns out…

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The Triad of Health Part 3 of 3

The Triad of health requires balance of the bodies structural, physiological, and psychological systems. All the systems must be in balance and working together to allow us to have optimal health. We have previously discussed the structural and…

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Real Estate

The Bozeman August Real Estate Report

Summer in Bozeman has been busy. The streets, trails, and rivers have seen a lot of activity and so has the Real Estate market. Pricing has been on the rise along with overall sales activity. Along with the rise in activity level, we’ve also…

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Letter From the Editor

Surviving Bozeman

Letter From the Editor

Bozeman, Montana. What an amazingly interesting little place, don’t you think? Nestled neatly in the middle of nowhere with the majesty and beauty of countless mountain ranges surrounding us and the nation’s first National Park in our…

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Historic Bozeman

Sink or Swim: The History of Bogert Pool

Bogert Park is a summertime oasis from the City’s downtown street grid. The pool, tennis courts, band shell and pavilion that shelters a vibrant Farmer’s Market all offer outdoor community gathering spaces. Built in 1938, Bogert Pool at…

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Screen & Stage
What's Your Beef?

Making the case for a 73 year old socialist:

It’s us and Bernie Sanders against the world

Another election will soon be upon us and, as usual, the prospects don’t look promising. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are running for president. Our token democrat Hillary Clinton, frosted blonde love child of conservative oil and pseudo-liberals…

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