Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman is the Curator at the Gallatin History Museum. She is also a painter and printmaker inspired by the beauty of Montana.

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The Screeching Ghost...And Other Little Mysteries At The Museum

Kelly Hartman

When one steps foot into the Gallatin History Museum, one is stepping into history itself. The building, constructed as the Gallatin County Jail, officially opened December of 1911. While much of the interior has been altered since the change from…

Banquet of Champions The 1954 National Soap Box Derby

Kelly Hartman

In 1933, the soap box made its debut on a bumpy hill in Dayton, Ohio. What started with three boys quickly escalated up to hundreds of homemade crate cars and nearly 40,000 spectators by the end of the summer. It was in the heart of the Great…

Sunday Sinnings

Kelly Hartman

When one digs back into the history of the “Wild West,” one too often finds that culture predominated and most places were not as “wild” as we would probably hope to find. Even Cooke City, located at the Northeast Entrance of…

Not Just a Collection of Curios

Kelly Hartman

There are many wonderful stories to be told with items at the Gallatin History Museum. For years now, two items in particular have been on display in the old Jailer’s Office/Gallows Room: a wooden potato masher identified as a murder weapon by…

Escape From the Jail!

Kelly Hartman

On the morning of December 22, 1911, all were surprised to find that six prisoners had escaped from the brand new $35,000 jail, which had been believed to be “escape proof.” The individual cells holding the prisoners were not locked…

More than 27 Dresses Wedding Attire from 1881-1992

Kelly Hartman

In a clothing collection that contains over 250 dresses, 16 percent, or about 40 pieces, are wedding attire. These outfits date from the late 1800s through the 1990s and show how fashion has changed over time.  The wonderful thing about the…

Drink to the Health of the Pioneers

Kelly Hartman

The formation of the Gallatin County Pioneer Society and the Sons and Daughters of Gallatin County Pioneers

Multitudes of Enthusiasm Celebrating a Gallatin Valley Christmas

Kelly Hartman

As the daylight begins to dim, citizens of Gallatin Valley can be found flowing in and out of auditoriums with their jackets pulled up about their ears; long woolen ones, silken-soft puffy ones, those newly purchased and those that have seen many…