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Wed. Jun. 3rd, 2020

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What's Your Beef? Is Instagram Ruining Montana?

Kate Springer  |  Mon. Jun. 1st, 2020

In 2016, an article written by a Montana photographer accused Glacier National Park of “destroying itself from the inside” with an Instagram-driven marketing strategy. He criticized the park’s social media program for…

Hope is Greater Than Change

by Angie Ripple  |  Mon. Jun. 1st, 2020

Have you seen the list on Facebook where you put down all the things you like that barely anyone else likes or vice versa? As an example, friend C. dislikes the Harry Potter series, but feels like everyone else loves it. Well, I’m about…

June Cover Artist: Lindsey Hove

Mon. Jun. 1st, 2020

Lindsey Hove was born in Billings, MT and moved to Bozeman in 2006 to attend Montana State University. Lindsey’s passion for photography started by taking photos at live music events and he recalls, “I’ve always been…

Pizza & Beer Persevere Through Pandemic

Maggie Hudlow  |  Mon. Jun. 1st, 2020

Calling in a to-go order from Bridger Brewing was a strange experience. Because typically, my move is to sit at the corner of the bar, drink three pints over a few hours with my nose buried in my laptop or book and then order some pizza to…

Food Scene 2020 Postponed

by Brian Ripple  |  Mon. Jun. 1st, 2020

Restaurants are struggling, just like all of us. Since the coronavirus hit Bozeman, Bozeman Magazine has been offering free help to local businesses and restaurants affected by the pandemic. Spreading the word about their new operating hours…