"M" Trail Injured Hiker Rescue

Wednesday Jul. 3rd, 2024

On July 2, 2024, at 8:51 PM Gallatin County Dispatch received a call from a hiker in need of assistance. The hiker had been trail running with a group when they injured their leg. The hiker provided his location indicating he was close to the top of Baldy Mountain. The hiker indicated they were in a group with three other individuals who were assisting them down the mountain.

Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue volunteers from the Valley Section responded to the “M” trailhead. Search and Rescue volunteers from the Valley section deployed three teams up the trail carrying various medical gear, warm clothing, and a one-wheel litter. Volunteers contacted the hiker on the ridge above the M. After loading the hiker into the litter and providing the group with warm clothing, they escorted the group back to the trail head. The injured hiker was taken to Bozeman Health Deaconess Regional Medical Center by a member of his group in a personal vehicle.

Sheriff Dan Springer would like to commend the hikers for having packing sufficient food and water supplies as well as having communication devices. Early activation with a direct way of contact not only provided our teams with an accurate location, but the patient was also able to relay information about what happened and injury details. This type of information can expedite rescue and ensures our crews have all necessary supplies, resulting in a faster and more efficient rescue.