City of Bozeman to Evaluate Ordinance 2147

Monday Jul. 1st, 2024

BOZEMAN — As the City approaches one year since Ordinance 2147 Regulating Camping in the Right-of-Way was passed, and in light of today’s Supreme Court ruling on the City of Grants Pass v. Johnson case, the City of Bozeman is planning a work session for the Aug. 6 Commission meeting to evaluate the ordinance. Ordinance 2147 was passed in October 2023 and set the time, place, and manner conditions in which people could camp in the right-of-way.

“We look forward to discussing Ordinance 2147 with the Commission on August 6 and how the Supreme Court’s decision factors into how we move forward,” said Chief Civil Attorney Anna Saverud.

Since 2018, municipalities in the 9th Circuit Court have been restricted on how they could regulate and manage the public right-of-way. Under this legal framework, Ordinance 2147 was adopted to address the impacts of camping in the right-of-way on city infrastructure and allowed for a safe way for those experiencing homelessness to stay on the street.

The Aug. 6 meeting will review the Supreme Court decision, reflect on city learnings, discuss changes and seek further guidance from the City Commission.

Those interested in providing public comment on this ordinance ahead of the meeting can email Public comment can also be given in person at the meeting or online via zoom.