City of Bozeman Begins Exploring DUI Options

Monday Feb. 27th, 2023

Community Education Activity Support & Enforcement (CEASE) Award funding allows Bozeman Municipal Court to research DUI citations
BOZEMAN, Montana (February 27, 2023) – Over the last three years, Bozeman Police Department has issued an average of 345 citations each year for Driving While Under the Influence. The Bozeman Municipal Court is exploring options to mitigate this significant public safety risk, and has been awarded a $7,000 CEASE Grant through the Gallatin County DUI Task Force to fund a part of the data-gathering process.

Efforts are beginning by researching information about the risk of re-offense and the needs of DUI Offenders. Information will then be used to develop programs and grant applications that may result in a DUI-specific court docket and a DUI Treatment Court. 
“Montana consistently has one of the highest DUI arrest rates and DUI fatalities in the nation, so this work is truly important for the safety of our community,” stated Renee Boundy, VETS Court Coordinator at the City of Bozeman. “We’re eager to see how we can tackle this issue differently in the courts so that everyone on the road is safer.”

A Driving While Under the Influence Docket would encourage people to complete their sentences and receive needed treatment. DUI Treatment Court would provide increased supervision and support for serious misdemeanor DUI offenders with the greatest risk to reoffend. The first step in the research process would be determining the feasibility of these options by gathering data about current DUI offenders. 

Staff will apply for additional funding through the federal government this spring to start the DUI Treatment Court. If awarded, the DUI Court could start in early 2024.
Those seeking more information on Bozeman Municipal Court’s DUI research and potential programs can contact Renee Boundy at (406) 548-5950 or