Self-care & Relaxation: 5 Most Relaxing Activities Near Bozeman

Monday Jan. 16th, 2023

Bozeman is a naturally relaxing space to live and visit. The Rocky Mountains provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to a city that loves to practice wellness and unwind after an honest day’s work.

Likewise, the nearby prairie land provides ample space if you love to mountain bike, hike, or backpack.

Even if you don’t have time to explore Bozeman’s great outdoors, you’ll still find plenty of relaxing activities near the city to suit your itinerary and budget.


Massage and spa treatments are a great way to unwind during your stay in Bozeman. Get away from the bustle of life and book yourself into a massage session with therapists at spa destinations like:


Getting a massage or spa treatment can be a welcome break from a busy itinerary and may be just what you need if you’re “vacationing” at home in Bozeman. Planning your staycation around a spa day can make you feel like you’re stepping into another world, even if you’re staying local. If you’re traveling to Bozeman, spa visits can help you get through long drives and nights spent sleeping on uncomfortable sleeping pads, too.

You may wish to get some acupuncture treatment while visiting Bozeman. Compass Point Acupuncture is a highly rated, women-led business that accepts insurance.

Wellness Centers

Wellness centers provide the perfect retreat if you live a busy lifestyle and just need some time away from it all. While staying at a wellness center, you can expect to be pampered and taken care of during your entire stay. There are plenty of wellness centers in and around Bozeman, meaning you can choose an option that suits your itinerary and budget.

The Bozeman Wellness Center offers guests comprehensive health and wellness services. They have trained chiropractors and nutrition consultants on-site. They also offer applied kinesiology sessions, which make them an ideal fit if you’re recovering from an injury or are looking to improve your overall health and well-being.

Blue Lotus is located in the north end of Bozeman and is a sanctuary for all who love to unwind and find new ways to further their wellness. Blue Lotus offers private sessions, where you can practice Reiki or experience positive shifts in energy during flower essence consultations.

Investing in health and wellness during your vacation can help you practice self-care and leave a lasting impression. You’ll learn plenty from your time at a wellness center in Bozeman and can reap the rewards of a better diet and a calmer mind for years to come.

Spiritual Centers

For many, spirituality and relaxation go hand in hand. In Bozeman, you can practice and explore your spirituality in any way that feels right for you and will find plenty of expert support along the way.

The Bozeman Dharma Center is a hotspot for folks who are interested in the teachings of the Buddha. They regularly host workshops and retreats, too. You can join events that improve your mental well-being and are designed to help you become a better version of yourself.

The Mountain Top Retreat offers Christians a similar retreat in the mountains of Montana. The retreat describes itself as “Christ-centered” and is focused on the idea of grace and exchanged life. You can also take part in activities during your stay, like snowmobiling, fishing, and horseback riding.

Quiet, Natural Getaways

Sometimes you just want to get away from the world and all its noise. If retreating into the wilderness for a few days alone sounds like your perfect staycation or vacation, then Bozeman is the place for you.

You can take advantage of Bozeman's location to find campgrounds near the town. Mallard’s Rest has 13 campsites and is only a short drive from downtown Bozeman. Similarly, Red Cliff Campground is an hour south of Bozeman with meadows and rivers nearby.

If you want something a little less wild, you should pay a visit to the Bozeman Hot Springs. The Bozeman Hot Springs offer a gym and live events as well as a large pool space that is fed by natural hot springs in the area.

Whole Food/Farm-to-table Restaurants and Experiences

Bozeman is renowned for its locally grown food and agriculture. The surrounding prairie land is a fertile food basket that feeds the state and provides whole foods for your kitchen and farm-to-table restaurants.

Red Tractor Pizza uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are sustainably grown. They offer pizzas for any diet, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan!.

Bodhi Farms offers a similar farm-to-table experience. As a guest, you can stay in a glamping tent and eat in an authentic, nordic tent. Their menus change with the seasons, too, so you can be certain that you’re eating food that is sustainably sourced from small-scale farmers.


Bozeman has all the resources you need for a restful vacation. You can unwind in the hot spring during the day and eat locally sourced, farm-to-table produce in the evening. If you need some extra support, consider checking into one of Bozeman’s highly-rated wellness retreats where you’ll be pampered and tended to during your stay.