Meet the Gnomes of Story Mill Park at the Gnome Roam

Tuesday Jan. 10th, 2023

BOZEMAN — It’s time to meet the Gnomes of Story Mill! In this self-guided art installation you can travel around the Grand Lawn of Story Mill Park to explore the gnome village, learning about their cozy way of life and the many jobs they do to keep the park healthy. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to become a gnome yourself?!?!

“The Story Mill gnomes don’t get a lot of credit for the work they do to keep the park running smoothly. For example, there’s never been a problem with Trolls in this park - and we thank gnomes for that! We’re so glad they are finally getting their moment to shine!” said Jamie Saitta, Recreation Manager with Bozeman Parks and Recreation.

The brainchild of the Random Acts of Silliness team, the Gnome Roam has been brought to life by Thomas Dunning, a Bozeman based designer, fabricator, and the owner of Meristem Services. Thomas used a combination of classic low-tech techniques and materials such as working with logs, branches, and papier-mâché, along with more modern techniques of digital modeling and 3D printing to create the
gnome world.

From the Gnome’s Wood Shop to Story Bowl ski hill, you’ll get a taste of every aspect of gnome life. Each stop in the village also offers a short audio scene, portrayed by a talented team of local performers, that can be played on audio boxes in the park or streamed via the Random Acts of Silliness website.

“Trust for Public Land helped create Story Mill Park with the goal of bringing lasting joy, wonder, and good health to Bozeman residents. It’s such a pleasure to support the Gnome Roam, which is one of the best examples of how we can use this space to bring people closer to nature and each other,” said Dick Dolan Northern Rockies Director of Trust for Public Land.

Random Acts of Silliness’ last art installation (Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village) was recently voted Best Annual Event in Bozeman as well as Best Public Art Installation for the 2nd year in a row.

The Gnome Roam is up January 14th - January 29th. This is a free, self- guided, outdoor art installation offered by Random Acts of Silliness (RAS) in partnership with the Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department and the Trust for Public Land (TPL), and with support from James Bond Dental Arts and Design 5 Landscape Architecture.

To visit the Gnome Roam, park at the Story Mill Community Center (600 Bridger Canyon Drive). Parking is limited so carpooling is suggested, as is visiting on weekdays if possible. The Gnome Roam traverses the paved/plowed path circling the Great Lawn of Story Mill Park. Visitors will be required to travel approximately half a mile.

For more information and some fun bells and whistles, visit