5 Reasons To Play Disc Golf In Bozeman

Monday Nov. 28th, 2022

Bozeman, Montana, is growing quicker than most other small cities in the US today. It has a growth rate of around 2.8%, and according to the World Population Review, has 56,495 inhabitants.
Perhaps one of the reasons that the city keeps growing so fast is the number of tourists that pass through. In 2021, there were around 2 million arrivals and departures from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. No doubt some of those tourists decided to come back permanently, and who could blame them?

Bozeman has much to offer to any tourist, and there are a bunch of outdoor activities to engage in. One popular sport in the area is disc golf. Although not incredibly new, disc golf is still very much up-and-coming but Bozeman boasts not 1 but 6 courses for players to enjoy.
However, disc golf isn’t the only reason to visit Bozeman. Below is a brief article on disc golf, and 5 reasons why you should be playing in Bozeman.

Where can you play disc golf in Bozeman?

You will discover quickly that disc golf can be played almost anywhere. Any outdoor space such as a playing field or a park can be used for disc golf. Unlike regular golf courses, disc golf doesn’t need permanent holes for playing as it uses baskets and these can be moved.
The inventor of the modern frisbee, Ed Headrick, is also largely held up to be the founder of disc golf. The sport started to gain traction in the 1960s and through the 1970s. Today there are hundreds of thousands of individuals playing across the globe.
While you don’t need more than just a suitable open area for playing, there are a number of specially designed disc golf courses in Bozeman.
Disc golf courses in Bozeman are as follows:

• Rose Park
• Battle Ridge Canyon
• Monforton School
• Elk Grove
• Sandalwood
There is also one more disc golf course at Zoot Wild Plains, but this is available to Zoot employees only.
What equipment should you take to your Bozeman disc golf course?

The only thing you really need to take to a disc golf course is your favorite disc, and perhaps some spares. It is pretty much inevitable that at some point you will lose a disc golf disc just as golfers lose balls regularly.
Some players prefer heavier discs, and with practice, you will soon discover your preference. Understable disc golf drivers allow for a straighter flight before fade happens, and will give a little extra difference. Aside from the discs, you should perhaps give some thought to how you dress.
Disc golf is far more relaxed than regular golf and players can dress more casually. However, wearing dirty or ripped clothing isn’t really on. Tennis shoes, a clean t-shirt or polo, plus shorts or cargo shorts, would work fine.
Other equipment you could consider is as follows:
• Scorecard or disc golf mobile app
• Golf disc retriever
• Disc golf rangefinder
• Carrying bag
You should consider headwear and sunscreen for protection. Bug spray can come in handy too, and carrying a bottle of water is recommended. In July, Bozeman will hit average temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees, so water and UV protection are essential.
5 reasons why you should play disc golf in Bozeman

Disc golf may be growing in popularity, but why pick Bozeman to play? Well, the city is already a popular tourist destination, so if you are planning a break, it could be the ideal place to combine your favorite sport with the other positives about Bozeman.
Here are five possible reasons to visit Bozeman, and play disc golf there.
It’s close to Yellowstone National Park
Bozeman is just 1 hour and 15 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. Many visitors to the city combine their stay with a visit to this national park, and plenty of others use their time to go that bit further to Glacier National Park too.
There are many outdoor activities to enjoy besides disc golf
Bozeman is surrounded by incredible nature - more on that below - and this has helped create a place that is renowned for its outdoor activities.
Locals and visitors alike can join in any of the following pastimes depending on the time of year and their particular interests.
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Rafting
• Biking
• Kayaking
• Horse riding
• Skiing
The latter activity is popular with the inhabitants of Bozeman and surrounding areas and attracts many visitors too. Mountains north and west of Yellowstone enjoy a large amount of snowfall each year making Bozeman a popular skiing destination.
Surrounded by incredible scenery
Bozeman is close to the Rocky Mountains and other areas of stunning natural beauty. The fly-fishing is said to be world-class, and the town itself has been called the most liveable place in the US.
The reason so many people partake in the outdoor activities listed above is because of the scenery that they enjoy. The air is cleaner in Montana than in most other states, and this helps to make disc golf even more enjoyable.
Disc golf is one of the better ways to relieve stress. When playing you will be walking, joining in with others, and getting outdoors. You will forget any worries you have and feel more relaxed. All of this combines to lower stress and help with physical health as well as give you a mental boost.
It’s nearly always sunny in Bozeman
The city gets to boast around 300 or so days of sunshine every year. Perfect for enjoying disc golf, and after your game you can go on an ice cream tour in Bozeman and watch the sun go down from Story Hills viewpoint.
Bozeman is a great camping destination
Within a 1 hour radius of Bozeman are plenty of camping grounds to choose from. This includes Bozeman Hot Springs Campground with its own natural attraction. If you enjoy camping then Bozeman makes the perfect spot to stay at night while hitting the disc golf courses during the day.
Do disc golf players expect the same etiquette as seen on regular golf courses?
There is a definite etiquette surrounding disc golf, just not quite as stuffy as you’d find on private golf courses.
One rule is to make sure you leave no trace behind. Pick up your litter and don’t break branches or damage fauna on the course. Other parts of disc golf etiquette include respecting other players, no anti-social behavior, and playing within the lines.
But you won’t find strict dress codes or officials on disc golf courses. It is expected that players understand how to behave and show respect so that everyone can enjoy the game. This means beginners as well as professionals.
Bozeman has several disc golf courses to choose from, but so do many other places in the states. There are over thousands of disc golf courses in the US now, so why pick Bozeman?
Well, as shown above, the outdoor possibilities in and around the city are to be envied. Anyone who enjoys getting outside to play disc golf is likely to appreciate at least one of the other pastimes that can be enjoyed in Bozeman. If not, well there is always that ice cream tour.