How long does it take to heal with PEMF therapy?

Thursday Nov. 17th, 2022

PEMF technology is rising in the medical world. PEMF [Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field] is a revolutionary wellness technique that uses soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate and train the body's cells.

PEMF, also known as high-energy inductive therapy, is trusted worldwide to support the body's natural healing and regulatory abilities.

This therapy is innovative and is used in a variety of areas. Being new to this therapy, people only have this question of how long this therapy takes to work. Well, the answer to that depends on various factors. So, there is no precise time limit.

However, you can still predict the duration required for PEMF to heal your body. For proper estimation, you need to have knowledge about PEMF therapy and how it works. In the article, you will read all about this therapy and how long it takes to heal you.

PEMF-A Healing Miracle
PEMF is one of the latest healing technologies that has emerged in the market. However, the concept of this therapy is not that new. The earth comprises its natural electromagnetic field. In the same way, each organ has a field around it. When a cell gets damaged, it loses energy that is stored in the form of an electromagnetic field. The PEMF releases low-frequency electromagnetic pulses similar to those naturally found on earth. These activate the natural healing process of the body.

Which conditions can PEMF cure?
PEMF therapy is effective to cover a wide range of health issues. Mainly people use it for the following reasons.

Pain Management
Primarily, PEMF gained popularity for being an effective painkiller. It cures both chronic and acute pain. In many cases, people get stuck with body and joint pain. Such conditions take forever to heal and impact your lifestyle. Electromagnetic pulses tend to reduce inflammation. Whether you have pain due to an injury or a chronic condition, PEMF can heal you.

Speed Up Healing
In acute conditions, like injury, trauma, or after surgery, PEMF speeds up the healing process. Sometimes, even non-intense conditions take forever to heal. This is when your body issue changes from acute to chronic. The PEMF provides timely energy to the cells and tissues to promote healing. Apart from that, when a body part gets damaged, there is a chance that your interneural communication is affected. PEMF makes sure that this communication remains intact to promote natural healing.

Bone Disease
PEMF also helps with bone pain conditions. Arthritis and osteoporosis are such conditions that are hard to cure. Joints like shoulder, knees, elbows and hip joints easily get damaged. PEMF does not regenerate bone, but it can help with pain and ensure healing. This therapy will keep your bones intact and stimulate muscles to further support you. If you get surgery or bone replacement, PEMF can fasten the healing process.

Mental Health
Apart from physical ailments, PEMF also helps to soothe your mind. It can reduce stress and even help with insomnia.

How to get this treatment?
Now that you know why PEMF is used, you must know how to get it. There is a huge variety of PEMF machines available on the market. These devices target your specific body needs. You can find PEMF mats, pads, pillows, and small devices at the healthyline outlet. Various models have emerged in the market. These have different features and specs like frequency range and intensity. Remember that the healing time of your body also depends on what device you are using.

How long does this therapy take to work?
Here are some factors that can help you determine how long this treatment will take to heal you.

●       The intensity of the Condition
Many people experience results after a week of use. This depends on the severity of the condition you are targeting. If you are trying to cure injuries, fractures, or other chronic conditions, it may take a while. However, consistency is the key. If you want results, keep getting the therapy regularly.

●       Device Selection
Device selection is an important step when it comes to the PEMF treatment. You must select a device that meets your requirements. If you do so, you will see the results soon.
●       Proper Use
To get the most out of this therapy, proper and regular usage is required. You must know what frequency you need. Also, consult a health specialist to find out the dosage of this therapy.
How long does a PEMF session last?
In normal cases, a 20-to-30-minute session once or more a week is enough to get you active. However, this is mostly not the case. Some people take overnight therapy. This depends on the severity of the condition and the intensity of the PEMF you are using.
Final Words
To conclude, PEMF is an innovative therapy that can promote healing. This therapy does not offer a fixed time of healing but ensures a cure. Try this therapy to say goodbye to everlasting pain and disease.