3 Creative Ways to Market Your Home for Sale

Friday Sep. 16th, 2022

Predictable listing descriptions. Mediocre social posts. Dull flyers. We're bored of them — and so are your potential buyers. So, it's time to get creative. There are unlimited ways to think outside the box when marketing your home, even when selling traditionally in Bozeman. From promotional videos to postcards to not-so-recognized national holidays, we've rounded up the top three creative tips and tricks for you to attract buyers' attention, no matter the market.

Stick with us to find out how to sell your home quickly with a bit of ingenuity.

1. Short-and-Sweet Promotional Video

Buyers' attention spans are shorter than ever (we've got the likes of TikTok to thank for that). So, a short highlight-style video featuring your home's best parts is a great way to get much-needed eyeballs on your listing.

According to the socially savvy experts at Hootsuite, the ideal video length for each platform is as follows:
Instagram — one minute for feed videos, 15 seconds for stories, and 15 to 60 seconds for reels
TikTok — seven to 15 seconds
Twitter — 44 seconds
YouTube — two minutes
LinkedIn — 30 seconds maximum
Snapchat — seven seconds
Pinterest — six to 15 seconds

Aside from the duration, consider your theme based on the type of home you have and the buyer you want to attract. Sometimes funny, music-based videos work best, whereas aerial overviews and a home tour might be better in your case. Even when you are selling a messy property, video promotions can still attract more engagement and eyeballs to your listing. You can even sell a hoarder house with the right filming and editing. People shop online now more than ever. This includes home buyers! Go where the buyers are and promote your home through short but catchy videos.

2. Send Postcards with Added Value

This one might be a little controversial, considering many people are fed up with the seemingly endless streams of junk mail through their mailboxes. But the trick is to add value. How do you do that, we hear you ask? Well, put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes. If you would throw out the postcard advertising your home, it's likely they will too. Aim to split your postcard — have one side for your property details and the other for extra value.

This value we keep talking about comes in many forms, including:
• A custom crossword puzzle
• A list of upcoming local events 
• A recipe next to a photograph of your kitchen
• A list of must-watch movies next to a picture of your living or theater room

You're bound to survive the bin-tossing mail-sorting process this way. For homeowners that need to sell their houses quickly because they are on a time crunch, these creative marketing efforts can go a long way in attracting the right buyer. Many people need a quick home sale because of a job relocation or job loss. When time is of the essence, it’s vital that you try all creative outlets on the table to find a buyer quickly.

3. Host an Open House on Whacky National Holidays

Companies publish exclusive offers on well-recognized national holidays. So, why not do the same with your property listing but push the boat out and find some oddball celebrations to take advantage of? Whether it's Earth Day, National Origami Day, or National Cheeseburger Day, use the situation to promote your home. You can showcase your garden, point potential buyers toward the local craft store, or advertise the best burger joints near you. The possibilities are endless!