6 Tips for Saving Money on Your Car Costs This Year

Thursday Sep. 15th, 2022

Money is tight for a lot of people right now, and if you’re reliant on your car to get to your job and to fulfill other everyday responsibilities, finding ways to save on motoring costs is a must. By taking on board the following tips, you’ll be able to make savings and still benefit from the convenience and freedom that car ownership brings.

Find cheap fuel nearby

As gas prices creep up and the cost of living increases, filling your tank can be a stressful, expensive process. Luckily there are lots of apps like GasBuddy, Waze, and WEX Connect, which can point you towards the cheapest fuel in your area. You could find that by driving a little further to a different gas station than usual, you can save a hefty chunk of change at the pumps.

Take the bus

Public transport is often more affordable for certain journeys than using a car, especially if you’re only traveling short distances. And with new bus routes being added regularly, you might find that there’s a quick and cost-effective way to get where you need to go that doesn’t involve jumping behind the wheel of an automobile.

Carry out preventive maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance on your car is more frugal than ignoring the need to keep it in good condition until it breaks down altogether. Preventive maintenance means being proactive to keep a car on the road, and you’ll find it’s more affordable to keep it in tip-top condition with smaller payments more frequently, rather than facing big one-off repair bills every few years.

Look for a cheaper car insurance deal

Sites like cheapinsurance.com make it easier than ever to find a good deal on car insurance. You can compare quotes from different providers, see what other perks and add-ons are available at your price point, and make the switch to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

Switch to a more efficient vehicle

Gas-guzzling cars are falling out of fashion, and it’s not just to do with fears around climate change and carbon emissions. More than ever, fossil fuel costs are becoming an issue for motorists, so switching from a large, thirsty model to a more frugal, compact alternative is increasingly attractive.

Better yet, if you’ve got the money to spare then buying an electric vehicle rather than one with a combustion engine is a good move.

There are upfront and ongoing costs, of course. But if you don’t ever have to visit a gas station and gawp at the prices, but can instead cheaply recharge your car at home, the long-term savings will be worth it.

Buy a newer car

This ties into a few of the tips we’ve mentioned so far, but if you’re hanging onto an older model vehicle because you think it’s the more economical option, this might be your downfall.

Not only are older models less reliable, they’re also less fuel efficient than their modern equivalents. So any savings you make on the sticker price will be wiped out with repair bills and gas station receipts.

Likewise, you could find that a newer car doesn’t suffer from the same higher insurance costs as an older, less efficient equivalent. It’s not so much about the value of the vehicle, but the type of person who typically drives it, so getting a family-friendly and modern motor makes sense for lots of reasons.

Wrapping up

Little steps towards affordable car ownership can make a big difference, so don’t delay in making changes, because you could end up with more money in your pocket almost immediately.