The Bozeman Public Library Puzzle Exchange

Monday Nov. 22nd, 2021

Welcome to a new service for the community: The Bozeman Public Library Puzzle Exchange

Looking for a new hobby? Do you love art, putting things together, getting away from screens AND reusing local resources? If so, you will love the Bozeman Public Library puzzle exchange.

How do I participate? It’s as easy as picking out a puzzle, taking it home, assembling it (with no time frame or deadline) and bringing it back to exchange for a new puzzle. No Library card, checkout or checkin required.

When is the Puzzle Exchange available? The Puzzle Exchange is available during open hours, currently 10am-6, Tuesday-Friday and Saturdays from 10am-5pm. The Library is closed on Sunday & Monday.

Where are the puzzles located in the Library? The Puzzle Exchange is at the top of the wide, stone stairs on the second floor of Bozeman Public Library. It is to the right of the Puzzle table.

What else should I know about puzzles? Puzzle time is a great chance to listen to audiobooks and music. Choose from a wide selection of audiobooks available on Libby, CD and Playaway at Bozeman Public Library. The Hoopla app offers audiobooks in English and several other languages, as well as streaming music with no waiting for titles. These services are all free with your Library card. For more information about the Puzzle exchange, please call (406)582-2410 or visit Bozeman Public Library in person, Tuesday – Saturday, or online at