Why Freelancing Isn't Always Good

Monday Nov. 1st, 2021

Nowadays, many people in the world work as freelancers. Of course, this is convenient these days, because representatives of far from all professions want to get to the office every day. It takes a lot of time that can be spent on work or leisure. Many companies are now not recruiting permanent employees, but place orders for the freelance market. For example, bloggers' copywriters always work online. This is a very important profession now because, thanks to interesting posts, they do not have to buy Instagram followers. In this article, you will find out why this format is not always beneficial and safe.

What problems do freelancers face?
One of the main problems with this format of work is its unreliability. Unfortunately, to this day, many workers are faced with scammers who give the task in order to subsequently receive it and not pay for it. Of course, there are many freelance services with which you can conclude a secure contract between the customer and the contractor, but such services always take a commission.

Sometimes you can find a commission of 9% or even more. In addition, such platforms take a commission for depositing and withdrawing funds. Consequently, for an inexpensive order, the performer can get even less money. This is extremely disadvantageous.

However, many owners of Instagram accounts order writing posts or design pictures on such exchanges. It benefits them because they don't buy followers on Instagram thanks to the beautifully designed profile, but they still spend a lot of money to pay for their safe deal.
Another important disadvantage is that most freelancers do not have formal employment contracts with companies. As a rule, they often work with different customers and do not stay with one. This can be convenient if you prefer to have an unstable schedule and travel often, but the earnings will not be constant. Those who often change customers periodically have moments when they cannot find new orders and do not receive a salary.

How to find a way out of the situation
If you work as a freelancer and do not plan to get a job in a company, then it cannot be said that this is the wrong choice. However, you should monitor the safety of your transactions and work only with trusted customers. For example, you can find out about some companies or entrepreneurs from your friends.

Also, try to always ask for prepayment for every order. As a rule, honest customers agree to a 50% prepayment. If he does not agree to such a condition, you should think about whether it is worth cooperating with this person.

You can try to work with freelance services to protect yourself from unscrupulous customers but try to find a platform with a lower commission. The service will keep the money until the employee hands over the job. After that, the customer will check and accept the order, and only at this moment, the payment will go to the employee's account.

We hope this article will help you in the future. Good luck!