Buy Now, Pay Later comes to Gallatin County

Wednesday Oct. 20th, 2021

Gallatin County leads Montana in population growth. New census data shows a jump in population of 33%, bumping Missoula County down to the second largest populated county in MT. With new growth, comes new business opportunities. Credova Financial, a leading buy now, pay later payment method focused on the outdoor lifestyle industries, has recently announced it’s new headquarters location as downtown Bozeman. With roots in Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it’s no wonder Credova has effortlessly married outdoor recreation with an emerging popular payment method. Credova is making the headquarters relocation to Montana a continuation of the company tradition of exploring the outdoors. 

“Montana is the logical fit for our company,” says Dusty Wunderlich, CEO. “We wanted to move our headquarters to a location that echoed our values and allowed us to continue to lead an outdoor adventure lifestyle. Bozeman gives us access to incredible outdoor recreation opportunities and an inspiring space to develop our payment solutions,” In a COVID era of remote work, the company has already announced plans for multiple local hires across several departments. Wunderlich continues “We want to contribute to the economic health of Bozeman and are doing so by firstly by creating new job opportunities in the fintech and buy now, pay later spaces.”

Credova has contracted local Bozeman design group, A&E Design to build out their new headquarters. “We worked closely with Credova, mixing modern and mountain vibes in the space to reflect their values and outdoor lifestyle,” said architect Jennifer Dunn.

Both the outdoor recreation industry and buy now, pay later payments experienced a boom during COVID. “People want to get outside and experience some relief from the struggles that COVID has created,” Wunderlich continues. “As a company, it’s incredible to be able to provide a reduced barrier to outdoor recreation activities through a payments solution that consumer really gravitate towards.”

In fact, data from The Civic Science report shows 15% of Americans plan to hike more than usual due to COVID-19. Hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping are all activities that have seen a significant lift because of lockdown era. Even more impressive is the popularity of the buy now, pay later payment methods on the market. During COVID, industry reports show 55.8% of people in 2021 stated that they had used Buy Now, Pay Later. This number is up from 37.65% in July 2020. It appears Credova is uniquely positioned to leverage growth across both sectors.