City of Bozeman to close Sourdough Canyon Trail for fuel reduction project, start date moved to October 11

Thursday Sep. 30th, 2021

Bozeman, MT— On October 11, 2021 the popular Sourdough Canyon Trail and area will be closed for four weeks as helicopter work begins on City of Bozeman land. The trail and project area will be closed to keep members of the public and work crews safe as tree removal activity, including helicopters flying trees overhead, will be ongoing.

The closure and the associated work is a part of Phase 2 of the City’s Sourdough Fuels Reduction Project, which is a part of the joint Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project (BMWP) in partnership with the Custer Gallatin National Forest.
Implementation work in the Bozeman Municipal Watershed has already begun. Project crews working on the Sourdough Fuels Reduction project are already working on the city-owned sections within the project area in preparation for the helicopter logging operations beginning October 11, 2021.  Recreationists who visit the area prior to the trail and area closure can expect to see additional vehicle traffic on the Sourdough Trail and hear chainsaw and equipment noise. 

The work on the city owned lands compliments the work underway on National Forest System lands. 
Project Manager and Engineer Brian Heaston says, “Public health and safety are always the top priority for the City of Bozeman. This week we ask that for everyone’s safety, please stay on the trail in these areas, keep children and pets near you, don’t impede ongoing work, and take necessary safety precautions.  As we move towards the trail closure date please plan to find other trails to visit and respect the closure.”

The BMWP is a joint effort between the City of Bozeman and the Custer Gallatin National Forest to reduce forest fuel loads with the intent of maintaining a high-quality, predictable community water supply for Bozeman residents.  The project will help protect Bozeman’s primary drinking water supply in and around the Bozeman and Hyalite Creek watersheds, it will provide for more defensible space in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), and just as critical – will increase public and firefighter safety.

For more information on the Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project, updates on ongoing implementation activities, and additional resources visit To contact the City of Bozeman or the Custer Gallatin National Forest submit a question via