Life Changing Tips for Keeping Yourself Fresh During the Working Week

Tuesday Sep. 28th, 2021

Making it through the working week doesn’t just involve getting your work done. It’s also important to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh and healthy. Staying looking good is both a mental and physical task, so looking after your mind as well as your body is a must. The mental aspect is one that is often neglected as the pressures of work add up. While it might be a struggle at times, if you follow these tips, you will be able to keep yourself looking fresh and be better prepared mentally to get on with your work.

Wash Regularly
It may seem like advice you would give to a child but, when you’re busy, it is very easy to forget to wash or not have the energy to do it. Having a shower each morning or evening will make you feel fresher and more energized. Taking care of your hair by purchasing good quality shampoo and conditioner will also make you feel and look better. Apple cider vinegar shampoo and coconut/avocado oil conditioner packs are the perfect way to revive your scalp. They’re packed with ultra-rich natural ingredients and your hair will look smoother, stronger and flake-free. Don’t neglect your body and hair’s hygiene needs. It will show to others and you will feel worse within yourself.

Sleep Properly
Getting enough sleep is an absolute priority. We should be sleeping at least seven hours a day, any less than that will be detrimental to our ability to carry out tasks. The signs of lack of sleep are obvious in our physical appearances, too. How many times has someone said you look tired? You can take it as an insult, or you can step back and realize that perhaps you aren’t getting enough sleep. Set a time you want to go to sleep during the week and stick to it. Turn off your phone and other devices and allow yourself to relax. Getting a good amount of deep sleep will make you feel more productive, and those signs of lack of sleep can quickly disappear.

Take Up Yoga or Meditate
Finding time for ourselves without distractions is not easy when the pressures of work are monopolizing our headspace. However, you have to take time to relax and switch off. Yoga has the advantage of being physical exercise, as exercise can leave you feeling better. As well as keeping you physically fit, it will allow you to escape from a muddled headspace and, in the long-term, following a routine daily will improve your mental wellbeing. If the idea of physical activity doesn’t appeal to you, meditation is also an option, as it will give you some time each day to clear your mind and become more focused.

Eat Well
We’ve all arrived home from work late, looked in the refrigerator and decided we don’t have the energy to cook so ordering take out becomes the go-to option. The abundance of choices, and ease of using take out apps, has made this an easy choice. What you eat and when you eat will show in your appearance and in how you feel in yourself. Making healthy meals on the weekend that can be easily heated up or eaten straight from the refrigerator when you arrive home after work will stop you from taking the easy way out. Ensure you eat regularly, too. It’s easy to skip meals when work is busy, but always remember if you’re not eating properly, you’re not going to be as productive.