Why the Right Grow Lights Are Important For Cannabis Growing

Tuesday Sep. 14th, 2021

Most cannabis growers already know that light is needed to help their plants produce marijuana. What they might not know is how important choosing the right grow lights can be for their plants. A variety of options are available today, and finding the right ones to use today can make a huge difference in how the plants grow and how much they produce. Read below to learn more about why learning about grow lights is important and the benefits of choosing the right ones to use for cannabis plants. 

Provide the Right Spectrum of Light
Different lights produce a different spectrum of light. This is easy to see in the difference between warm or cool light bulbs used throughout the house, and many people will have their preference. When it comes to cannabis plants, the right grow lights contain the full spectrum of light, allowing them to get what they need from the lights to truly thrive. Light bulbs that are not full-spectrum are not going to produce as good of results as ones that are, so choosing full-spectrum lights can lead to better yields. 

Provide Heat to Help With Climate Control
Plants need to be kept at the right temperature to grow, and cannabis is no different. Temperature can have an impact on plants, and it can impact whether the plant grows at all, how quickly it grows, and how big it grows. Cannabis can grow in a variety of temperatures but prefers warmer temperatures. Light bulbs can emit heat, so they can help make sure the cannabis plants are warm enough. It is important to be careful, however, as it's not a good idea to let the plants get too hot. 

Longer Time Before Replacement
Eventually, all light bulbs are going to go out. Depending on the amount used, it can be expensive to replace the bulbs regularly. Some light bulbs will burn out faster than others, so it's a good idea to opt for light bulbs that last longer. Depending on the price, this can help cut down on the maintenance expenses for growing cannabis, allowing for more funds to go to seeds and other supplies. 

Save on Energy Costs
The cost to operate a grow room, though it depends on the number of plants, can be expensive. For this reason, it's a good idea to opt for light bulbs that are more energy efficient. Some light bulbs require a lot more energy to operate, while others have minimal energy use. The lower the energy use is, the less the grower has to pay for the lights to help the plants grow properly and gain a higher yield. The right lights minimize the energy costs, while still providing the benefits of light to the cannabis plants.  

Today, growers have a number of options to choose from when they need lights for a grow room. A variety of light bulbs will have pros and cons, which can make finding the right bulbs a little more difficult. However, the right bulbs will include all of the benefits listed here, and more, so the grower can get a higher yield from their plants without spending a lot more money. Take a look at the different types of bulbs available today to see which ones will work great for your setup.