Argumentative Essay Topics about Mental Health

Friday Aug. 6th, 2021

Writing an argumentative essay is an academic project commonly assigned to students. While crafting the essay is already challenging in itself, choosing the right topic can also be tricky. Some topics have been written about so many times before they have become stale. Among such, one area you can look at is mental health. In this post, we explain what an argumentative essay is and offer a list of mental illness argumentative essay topics that double as persuasive speech topics about mental health.

What Is an Argumentative Essay

As the term itself suggests, an argumentative essay is a type of essay that presents an argument concerning a topic. This argument may be a position on a contentious issue, a specific claim, or any such similar statement. The purpose of this essay is to convince the reader to recognize the argument as valid.

Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essay on Mental Health

Completing an argumentative essay about mental health can be a little daunting. After all, this topic can get complex and, in some instances, even controversial. That does not mean you should not write about it. In fact, writing about mental health can be a very educational experience. Whatever topic you choose, keep in mind the tips below to make the writing process faster and easier.

1. Choose a fresh topic. There are many topics to choose from. But a lot of these have been selected before, thus making them somewhat boring to professors. When writing your argumentative essay on mental illness, try coming up with a fresh topic. Consider an angle no one else has written about before. Make the paper surprising to keep your reader hooked.

2. Keep it fact-based. Psychology and psychiatry fall squarely within the realm of the sciences. Therefore, mental health essay topics should be based on sound scientific information. Be sure to conduct adequate research and choose only reputable sources. Avoid skewing details just so you can embellish your arguments. Twisting facts or distorting the truth to strengthen a point is never an option.

3. Observe sensitivity and empathy. There’s a lot of stigmas affecting mental illness essay topics. People diagnosed with mental health conditions are already gravely misrepresented on various platforms. So make sure you write with sensitivity and empathy. Avoid using offensive or derogatory words, use accepted or standard terminology, and do not include myths or misconceptions.

4. Know your reader. Not all readers are the same. Some readers may have more knowledge of mental health than others. Create a profile of your reader, including their possible level of knowledge regarding the topic, their attitudes, and any assumptions they may have. This will help you write a paper that they can comprehend and connect with.

5. Advocate for progress and social change. Unless you have no choice about the position or specific subject, try to write in a way that advocates for positive transformation. Mental health is an important subject, as issues affect millions of people around the world. Who knows, your essay might not just get you a good grade but also inspire your reader to take action.

Issues related to mental health are ideal topics for argumentative essays. But because of the nature of this subject, doing the essay can be hard. These tips are designed to smoothen the process. So make sure you follow them as you complete your essay. 

Argumentative Essay Topics About Mental Health

The important thing to remember when writing your essay is that the topic should be debatable. There is no use in advancing an established fact as your argument. The topics listed below are written as questions since they can be answered in different ways. The answer will serve as your thesis.

Should the DSM V be reviewed and revised?
Are Americans overdiagnosed with mental health conditions?
Are Americans overmedicated?
Are American children overdiagnosed with mental health conditions?
Is there a link between the number of working hours and the risk of developing mental illness?
Is the importance of mental health downplayed in popular culture?
Is social media bad for mental health?
Should mental health treatment be free?
Should reparations be paid to people diagnosed with disorders removed from the DSM?
Are current depictions of mental illness in film and television beneficial or harmful?
Is there a link between artistic talent and mental illness?
Is the American mental health system lagging behind compared to other countries?
How strong is the evidence linking COVID-19 to mental health illness?
Should mental health illness caused by COVID-19 be covered by health insurance?
Is working from home better or worse for mental health?
Should health insurance coverage for mental health be expanded?
Is there a hidden epidemic of mental health illness in the United States?
What is the best way to address drug dependence?
Which diagnosis in the DSM V should be removed?
Does social media contribute to the development of narcissistic personality disorder?

Because of the similarities between argumentative and persuasive essays, mental health argumentative essay topics may also be considered as persuasive essay topics on mental illness. In fact, the similarities in these types of essays and their speech counterparts make them also appropriate as mental health persuasive speech topics.