Eating Out During Covid-19

Tuesday Apr. 13th, 2021

Let's face it . . . The pandemic has changed everything. What we didn't expect was the dramatic effect it would have on our eating habits as well.

There is no doubt that everyone has taken a hit financially because of Covid-19. However, the hospitality industry has literally taken a big punch to the gut. 

Some restaurants that were around for ages are now completely gone. including brand name franchises and multimillion-dollar, full-on established chains.

These days, you are not even allowed to go to restaurants (At least in most cities). If you are, you have to either sit on the patio or some other special arrangements have to be made.

The pandemic has brought some great changes for restaurant owners, and their customers alike. However, there are still certain things you can do that may help you enjoy your favorite restaurants . . . just in a different way. 

All while keeping your sanity intact in the process.

Use Food Ordering Apps
Whenever there is a sudden lack of opportunity in a certain field, there is also the opposite effect in another. Someone's gain is always someone's loss. In this case, since restaurants are struggling, food apps have now become all the rage. 

You can order your favorite food from most of the open restaurants in your city, and with the help of these apps, you can get your favorite meal right to your home. 

This allows the restaurants to stay alive and while you are enjoying your favorite food and meals.

Apps like Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats are now the norm. With new copycat apps popping up as well.

So although it’s not the best solution for restaurants or the customers, it’s not bad either.

Time For a Picnic, Covid-19 Style
Eating your favorite food at home is awesome. However, you can't stay home all the time. 

Unless you have a really amazing home (LOL). 

However, for most of us, especially people who live in apartments, you just have to get out. As human beings, we are not meant to just stay in one spot. Our bodies are designed to move. 

There is no doubt about that.

So you must go for your little walk, and get some fresh air and every now and then.

To get things going, we highly suggest that after you receive your food, why not go to your local park to enjoy it?

Especially if there is one close to you.

If you don't have that many parks around, just find an open area where you and your friends can sit for a while without disturbing others and enjoy some fresh air while eating your meal.

Don’t worry, nobody will judge you these days. Just do your thing.

It's just always nice to eat with your friends while keeping socially distanced. Just make sure these people are part of your bubble and you are taking all the necessary precautions. We also highly encourage that you do this outdoors. 

Not in your own or your friend’s apartment. 

That will kind of defeat the purpose of the whole thing right?

Last But Not The Least . . .  Hang In There
As time has shown, nothing lasts forever. As you may be seeing as well, the end of the pandemic is actually just around the corner. Especially with the new vaccines coming out.

Things are definitely improving but there are a whole number of Covid-19 cases that are on the rise too. This usually happens when the life cycle of a virus is about to end. When a virus is about to die, it fights really hard to stay alive. 

Hence the reason for all the mutation that is going on right now. Especially with the different Covid-19 variants. However, if you continue to practice proper social distancing, wear a face mask and just avoid unnecessary travel, we are literally not that far off from going back to how things were. 

After all, the night is always darkest before dawn.

Yes, it will take time for all the local restaurants to recover and everything, but we are on the way.

So bottom line, hang in there and don't forget to enjoy your favorite meal every now and then.