The Best Opportunities to Work from Home

Thursday Apr. 8th, 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have all changed our lives, whether we like it or not. Yes, we have to accept lots of inconvenient terms and conditions tight now, but we also have learned lots of great things. One of such things is remote work. It seems that during the first few lockdowns, the dreams of all introverted people and freelancers have come true as they’ve got an opportunity to work from home officially.

The Bigger Picture
Yet the best things are still a little beyond the obvious. Not only the introverted people and those who already work remotely are getting lucky. As lockdowns become more and more frequent and continuous, the companies begin to offer great compensations for those who are ready to work from home. Sometimes, such salaries can be even greater than for those working full-time.

What’s more, lots of the remote career opportunities, in fact, allow you to start a new career path and switch to a totally different occupation at a rather face pace and more or less safely. The main idea here is to have just a little bit of spare time for training and part-time practice, which is more than affordable during the era of remote work. You can even start working abroad, but you’ll have to put some additional effort and check out the translation services in USA reviews to put your CV and recommendation letter in an appropriate shape. As for the careers, here are some of the hottest of them and to get you paid well enough.

5 Best Opportunities to Work from Home

• Web developer. Careers in IT, development, and computer science are some highest-paying ones as well as simply designed for remote work. Web development is the perfect start because learning web development is relatively easy, but it shows great results almost right away and offers some decent salaries of around $70,000 regardless of what company you work for.

• Web designer. If you feel more like a creative person but still want to go to IT, web design is for you. By creating various designs for different site types, you’ll be able to make as much as around $50,000 per year. At the same time, by working closely with developers, you’ll learn lots of new things and will be able to switch to IT further if you want.

• UI/UX designer. A great alternative for web design, UI/UX design is a career choice that allows you to produce true works of art. Designing convenient interfaces for websites, applications, video games, and, essentially everything else you can imagine in computers and software can be a pretty tough task to complete, depending on the final destination of design. Still, UI/UX designers make anywhere between $60,000 and $120,000, making them some highest-paid and demanded employees in IT.

• Software/website tester. Perhaps, you have considered switching to IT earlier but the need to learn lots of new things about coding and programming stopped you. Well, if it is so, then software testing is about to change your life. By finding and reporting bugs and glitches in programs or on websites will teach you the basic structure of coding and its logic, thus, allowing you to switch to IT relatively quickly and painlessly. In the beginning, you won’t make much (from $1 to $20 per 20–30-minute test) but later salaries grow as high as $70,000 per year on an entry-level.

• Translator. If IT is not your thing, then you should certainly try translation. The world needs certified translators now more than ever because the distance between people has grown, and language barriers did not vanish anywhere. At the same time, learning a new language might be not as hard as it seems. You can, for example, learn English and translate from your native language into it making enough money to go further and learn new languages too. On top of that, there are lots of tips on TranslateHub as to how to make a translator career fast enough. With a salary of around $52,000 per annum, translation is definitely a career to consider.

Into the New World

photo from pexels

Everything might have changed radically for lots of people, but the end of the world is certainly very far away from us. Being highly intellectual beings and adapting to all new conditions perfectly, humans always find ways to make our life easier or at least not make it harder. While jobs in IT seem very demanded and well-paid, there are still lots of careers to consider that might fit your talents perfectly as well and make you a happy and well-paid person.

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