HRDC Energy Programs Offers a Variety of Services to Help Montanan’s

Friday Feb. 19th, 2021

HRDC Energy Programs offer a variety of services to help Montanans, from assistance with heat bills in the winter to ensuring homes are safe and energy efficient.

Heating costs for older homes, mobile homes, and energy-inefficient apartment rentals can cause a household‘s energy bill to increase significantly during the winter months. To assist with winter heating bills, HRDC administers the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). LIEAP operates during the winter months from October through April. In 2020, this service provided heat bill assistance to roughly 1,000 households in Southwest Montana.

For year-round energy emergencies, HRDC administers Energy Share of Montana (ESOM), which provides zero interest loans to help customers cover their energy bill or repair furnaces or water heaters. Energy Share offers support to households who are either without or soon to be without heat or power. In 2020, HRDC distributed $51,902.93 in emergency heat loans and deposit assistance.

Additionally, HRDC offers free home weatherization (to qualifying households), which includes a comprehensive energy audit focusing on whole house ventilation, energy savings, conservation education, and health and safety. Each year, HRDC weatherizes roughly 120 homes across Gallatin, Park, and Meagher Counties.

“During this time of year, when temperatures often drop and winter weather hits, we’re reminded of how important our services are to our community. Without heat assistance, many families and households would be left without the ability to stay current on their bills. They risk going through winter without a source of warmth and comfort. The combination of colder weather and COVID-19 makes this a particularly difficult year for folks to keep their homes safe and warm,” says Sonja Wheeler, HRDC Energy Programs Director.

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