Tentacles, Wings, Sparkle & Shine, Purple Fuzz, Flying Bears, Slimy Slugs - Oh MY! Pop Up Sculpture Park “Menagerie of the Imaginary” Opening at Story Mill Park

Monday Jan. 11th, 2021

Starting on Saturday, January 16th, the Great Lawn of Story Mill Community Park will play host to an assortment of life-size sculptures of Imaginary Friends created by 14 Bozeman artists.

The creatures are whimsical, silly, colorful creations straight from the minds of Bozeman creatives including: Mimi Matsuda, Sarah Angst, Kaetlyn Able, Dan Haywood, Jon Lamb, Noah Massey, Cindy Owings, Anna Visscher, Sharon Glick, Cristina Marian, Nick Mask, Claire Kleese, Kirsten Kainz, Adair Peck and Vicki Fish.

Notably, many of these accomplished artists took a leap away from their traditional mediums to create 3D sculptures for this exhibit. Painter Claire Kleese created “Baldor” from foam, chicken wire, paper mache, joint compound, and fabric:

"Baldor, a Norwegian name meaning ‘he who lives in two worlds’ was created merging a few creatures I love the most - bears, wolverines, badgers, and bees! He is a Bumble Bearadgerine! I tried to bring to life all that an imaginary friend should be - a strong creature meant to inspire one to be brave, to have your back in the darkness, to be lighthearted and bring about laughter and whimsy.”

Whimsy, delight, and joy are the main goals of the artists and sponsors of the exhibit! Jamie Saitta is the Recreation Manager for the Bozeman Parks Department, a sponsor of the show.

“When we heard the vision for this project, we knew right away we wanted to be a part of it!  We hope it will bring tremendous joy to people of all ages when they need it the most and will spark a sense of wonder and excitement in everyone who visits.” 

The Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department introduced their new Rec2Go kits this month and January’s kit will include “Menagerie of the Imaginary” inspired activities and crafts for children and families to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! Visit www.bozeman.net/recreation for more information and to purchase your kit. 


Open Saturday January 16 - Sunday January 31

Location: Great Lawn, Story Mill Community Park

This is an outdoor, self guided exhibit - available for visitation anytime during the park’s hours of 5 am - 11pm. *

Follow Random Acts of Silliness & the Bozeman Parks & Recreation Department on social media for more information.

*Social distancing is requested and masks are required if social distancing is not possible.


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