HRDC Purchases Property in Gardiner as Part of Area’s Housing Solution

Friday Dec. 11th, 2020

HRDC is pleased to announce the successful purchase of property in Gardiner, Montana to help address the community’s workforce housing needs. The property, located at 40 Jardine Road, consists of a three-bedroom home on 4.6 acres. HRDC is working to design a development consisting of a mix of ownership and rental opportunities to meet community needs.

HRDC has been working closely with the Gardiner community since 2015 to assess housing needs and identify potential solutions. Both availability and affordability of homes in the Gardiner community has continued to deteriorate for local workers as more homes are converted to second homes or short-term rentals. This has affected small businesses, local schools, and community organizations.

For the past five years, identifying a property for the development of new affordable housing has been a priority. HRDC staff has vetted properties as they come to market, worked with community members to find out when properties may be available, and talked with owners
about potential development partnerships. This new property represents the culmination of these efforts, and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the community’s housing needs.

While still in its early development phases, HRDC hopes to engage community members throughout 2021 to refine the proposed project.

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