Rural EMS Agencies to Receive Mobile Simulation Training

Thursday Nov. 12th, 2020

Simulation in Motion Montana (SIM-MT) has received a $20,000 award from the Sibanye-Stillwater Community Giving program. This award will allow for simulation training services for up to eight EMS/fire agencies in the catchment area of south central Montana Sibanye-Stillwater operations.

The rural agencies who will benefit from SIM-MT’s world-class simulation training are the primary 911 response for more than 7,000 square miles of south central Montana, including response for mine employees. As a result of this grant, the eligible first responders will receive sophisticated, high-fidelity simulation training to prepare them to more effectively respond to injuries. “Sibanye-Stillwater is so grateful for its local emergency responders, many of whom are graciously donating their time and skills as volunteers, and believes this training will enable these emergency responders to give back even more to our local communities,” says Marlena Ferguson of Sibanye-Stillwater.

Beneficiaries of this training are not just first responders. In fact, the primary benefit will be for patients needing critical care in these rural communities. High fidelity simulation training improves first responders’ abilities to provide effective immediate treatment at the site of an accident and/or in transit to a hospital, which is crucial to improving positive outcomes for all patients. SIM-MT brings that level of training to EMS agencies’ front doors. 

The Helmsley Charitable Trust will match this gift dollar for dollar, which will support SIM-MT in reaching additional facilities and responders across the state. “SIM-MT, along with its project partner, Best Practice Medicine, is excited for the opportunity to provide training to first responder agencies in south central Montana and grateful for the support of Sibanye Stillwater in our efforts to do so,” said Sara Kaull, Interim Executive Director of SIM-MT. “This grant from Sibanye-Stillwater, and the match provided by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, are critical to our ability to bring this caliber of high fidelity simulation training directly to underserved first responder agencies in Montana.”

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