5 Ways to Be Successful at College: Practical Tips for Bozeman Students

Monday Oct. 19th, 2020

Although it may seem that successful students are born smart, it is not true. They are not necessarily more intelligent than others, but they are certainly more skilled at learning. Top students have developed study habits and are able to be focused. They are very disciplined and have their own life hacks for learning so they can effectively assimilate new knowledge. If you want to become a successful student, consider the five strategies described below.

Create a system
Don’t rely on motivation, rather stick to your own learning system. You shouldn’t wait until you are in the mood to get your work done because it may never happen. Students who do well at school can complete their assignments even when they don’t feel like it.

Create a rough weekly schedule based on your recurring commitments and follow it no matter what. Block out time each week for studying so as not to forget about anything or do it at the last minute. Use planners and set daily reminders to organize your study activity.

Break big tasks into smaller ones, so they don’t seem too complicated and overwhelming. Most people can’t maintain a high level of focus for more than 45 minutes at a go, so you should work in 30- to 45-minute blocks, followed by a 5- to 10-minute break. Studying in shorter blocks of time is much more effective for the majority of students, rather than trying to stay focused for a couple of hours straight.

Avoid multitasking because it reduces your study efficiency. Instead, complete one task at a time, and you’ll notice that you’ll get more things done in less time. Get rid of distractions that may surround you, like notifications on your phone, numerous open tabs in your browser, or favorite apps that draw your attention.

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Be diligent
Always take notes in class to learn new concepts better. Prepare for each class by skimming your notes or a textbook, so you will be familiar with what will be covered the next day. Get engaged by asking questions to make sure that you understand new material. Review the information you’ve learned on the same day, so it will be moved to your long-term memory more quickly.

Do consistent work and avoid postponing things until the last moment. This way, you won’t need to cram for exams and less likely to break your deadlines.

Find time for relaxation
Being a successful student is not really about getting the highest grades and outperforming others. It's more about having a well-balanced life that ensures you won't burn out. Regularly, find time for relaxation so you'll be emotionally satisfied and productive.

As a student, you must feel how tiring intellectual work is, so try to get at least eight hours of sleep to restore your mental energy. Proper night sleep will help you stay an effective learner as it boosts memory and enhances cognitive processes. It would be great if you could make 8-hour sleep a priority and go to bed at roughly the same time every day.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Both your physical and emotional health affect your performance at college. Regular exercises can not just make your body stronger, but also enhance your concentration, boost creativity, and improve memory. Also, when it comes to your diet, research has shown that the better your nutrition, the more efficiently your brain functions. Include fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals, add eggs and nuts to your diet, and eat enough meat and fish. In addition, you should try to avoid processed foods, trans fats, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

If you want to be a top student, it’s essential to keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself whenever possible. Don’t forget to do something enjoyable during study breaks so you’ll always be encouraged to get back to work. And remember that outstanding performance is possible only if you are able to manage your stress and stay positive.

Author’s Bio
Robert Everett is a private tutor and academic writer. He works at an essay service that provides students with homework help. Robert believes that support is very important to learners so he does his best for encouraging students to achieve outstanding results.