Livingston Artist Parks Reece’s Work Featured on New Montana License Plate

Monday Oct. 12th, 2020

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation (ABWF) is excited to announce the release of the only Montana specialty license plate with original art by renowned local artist Parks Reece. The plate just came out in August and is already generating tremendous buzz: the Park County treasurer immediately sold out not one but two cases!

Livingston-based Reece’s distinctive paintings, lithographs, and prints are pun-driven surrealist reflections of wildlife, wildlands, and people in the West, where mythology and modern life overlap. Now Montana drivers can sport his distinctive art on their vehicles as they explore our great state’s wild places.

Purchasing this unique and witty plate will support stewardship of the Absaroka- Beartooth Wilderness and appreciation of wild lands.

The brightly colored plate is available throughout Montana at local county treasurers’ offices when plates are renewed, or drivers can upgrade to original Parks Reece art right now. The extra cost for the sponsored plate includes a tax-deductable $25 donation to the nonprofit ABWF. Funds from the plate support the ABWF’s work to Absaroka- Beartooth Wilderness and efforts to protect its resources. Their work includes “boots-on-the-ground” experiences like volunteer trail maintenance projects and educational outreach that bring everyday citizens more closely in touch with this treasured Wilderness.

Tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit ABWF through this specialty plate will both support Wilderness and help spread the message every time you hit the road!