Play For The Vote Campagin Mobilizing Musicians To Perform On Election Day

Thursday Oct. 8th, 2020

Earlier this week notes were struck across the United State as Play For The Vote announced its intent to sign up musicians to perform on Election Day. While mail-in ballots and early voting is being encouraged due to COVID, longer-than-usual lines are expected on Election Day itself, with a current shortage of polling volunteers.  At polling sites throughout the country, musicians are being sought to perform outside, with the goal of increasing voter turnout by providing a more positive voting experience.

Discussing the idea, Founder & Director of Play For The Vote, Mike Block, stated, “Election Day is shaping up to be pretty stressful for many people, while musicians are struggling to share music in a meaningful way during the pandemic.  November 3 is the perfect opportunity for the musicians of this country to join together to spread the unifying power of shared musical experiences on an unprecedented level. I’m calling on musicians across the country to join me in signing up to perform at a nearby polling location so that we can make voting a more positive experience for the whole country.”

Musicians interested in participating can sign up via the Play For The Vote website. Upon doing so, they will be asked for their location and availabilities on Election Day (November 3).  Play For The Votes custom software will match each musician with a location/time assignment to maximize coverage on Election Day.

While each aritst’s exact performing assignment will be known until closer to Election Day, artists are encouraged to begin promoting their involvement immediately. And when they do receive their precise performance assignment, they can simply treat it like a real gig, and help spread the word.

Play For The Vote does not endorse any specific candidate or issues. All performers are welcome. Deadline to sign up is November 1.