5 Tips on How to Boost Creativity with Essay Writing

Friday Aug. 21st, 2020

Creativity is all about finding new ways of solving problems and handling situations. It requires constant cultivation so that nothing can be left to pure luck. Creativity does not fall from the sky just like that. The creative process involves many aspects, from the unique idea to the unusual concept.

When it comes to writing, creativity is mainly defined as the innovative use of imagination to create an interesting and engaging piece of paper. Whenever you write, you’re creating something, but your level of innovation might not always be high enough to perform quality writing. Some days your muse is with you, letting you create masterpieces. But the other days, your muse is gone, leaving you in pursuit of “creativity”. 

Being often labeled as something innate, creativity is actually a skill that can be developed in smart ways. The easiest one will be to ask a professional essay writer for help. By referring to a pro essay writing service, you will get a creative essay you can use as a template for your individual writing. A more complicated way will be to do all the writing on your own by going beyond your capabilities. If you are unable to come up with fresh ideas, here are 5 simple ways to boost your creativity:

Take notes
Creativity is not something you can keep under control. You ask why? The thing is, you never know when a good idea will pop into your head. Usually, it happens at the most inopportune times (while taking a shower or doing sports). No matter how unimportant those ideas may seem to you, you still should keep track of them. 

You never know which idea is going to come to fruition. Creativity is not just about being original, it’s also about making associations in an unusual and even unexpected way. It’s about connecting things or subjects that are seemingly interrelated. By keeping track of your ideas, you can use them whenever you feel like. So, it is highly recommended to keep a notebook and pen next to you all the time.

Try Freewriting
Freewriting is considered one of the most popular tools for writers. While it doesn’t work for professionals hired by creative writing services anymore, it can be super effective for you. This approach is based on the idea of making your subconscious respond. How does it work? All you need to do is to relax and start writing everything that comes into your head for ten minutes. While writing, do not think about possible mistakes. Just keep writing until the time is out. Don’t worry about the content, even if it looks ridiculous. By letting your ideas flow, you make your subconscious expose what’s hiding beneath the surface of your brain.

Proceed with Mind-mapping
Mind-mapping is an outline in a drawing format. The benefit of this tool is an opportunity to develop your own style without following someone else’s steps. To proceed with this technique, you will need a set of colored pens and a piece of paper. Then, you will start writing the keywords and add images related to a particular topic you need to write about. This needs to be done in the format of a mind map. If it is too hard for you to catch the concept, you can use one of the mobile apps allowing you to create mind maps in an online format. When your outline is ready, you can use it as a plan for further writing.

Do a Monotask
Being preoccupied with many other things, you can hardly focus on any kind of creative work. This scenario often happens to students who have to juggle multiple tasks at once. Throughout the creative process, it is best to not interrupt yourself because you won’t be able to express all your ideas orderly. Even if you have 10 minutes to write at a time, you should stay totally focused on writing and no external factors should distract you. Even if you feel overwhelmed with other things, give yourself a small rest to clear your head. Stepping away from the keyboard for some time can really enhance the level of your creativity. In fact, when you’re completely stuck, you can ask an online essay service for assistance. This can be a reasonable solution to the problem when you cannot concentrate on anything.

Do Some Brainstorming
When it comes to brainstorming, the main rule is that there are no bad ideas. When you have a particular topic, you should use every piece of mind. Whether you write a budget plan or a character analysis, write down every idea on a white board or paper. Eventually, you will be surprised by what comes out. Once the ideas start flowing, the process goes faster. If you leave your writing and come back to it in a few hours, you will continue expanding your ideas. You should give up on the idea that you don’t have time for those games. Rather than being a time-waster, brainstorming will turn out to be a time-saver for you.

The Bottom Line
Creativity is the first step toward better writing, efficient time management, and drastic business or academic success. Whether you use an essay service or do writing on your own, you will need to use your creativity anyway. The above-mentioned tips will serve as a starting point for you on the way to becoming a creative and productive writer.