5 Tips on How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog Article

Monday Jul. 6th, 2020

Getting SEO friendly content is a massive buzz in the digital marketing environment. It is all everyone that is developing SEO content is talking about. However, it is also a greatly misunderstood concept online. A lot of people do not necessarily get the idea behind the buzz.

So what is SEO? It is a technique of maximizing the effectiveness of your content for the search engines with a view of enabling it to rank higher compared to the others from websites targeting similar search phrases. In layman terms, it is the technical aspect behind what content appears on the first page or last of your browser when you search for a given term. The ranking is a result of search engine optimization (SEO).

How do you achieve the objective of higher SEO ranking? The rule of the game is simple. Come up with content that appealing and readable by the consumers. In this article, we will discuss in detail the aspects that will make your blog article be considered SEO friendly and rank higher.

Understand Your Target Audience
The first rule of writing top quality content is understanding the target audience. They are the individuals who will read the content you are about to prepare. Familiarizing yourself with the audience is a win for you. First, it helps you figure out what it is you want to tell them. In this regard, you will have to ask yourself questions like:

Will it be appealing to them?
Does it match their interests?
What type of information could they be looking for?
What keywords suit these needs?

Once you have the answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to decide what topic to select and what to write. It will also influence the content you write, including your choice of words.

Select an Appropriate Topic
Knowing your target audience makes it simpler for you to select a top of your blog article. A good essay writer will tell you how important it is to have an appropriate topic for your content. It is the headline that attracts your target audience to the content written in the blog.

In article writing, headlines do matter. The catchier it is, the more likely it is to attract more people to read the blog article. As a rule, always remember that the title and meta-description are the results of a search engine search. Therefore, they need to have the right keywords, which are informed by the preferences of your target audience.

Perform a Keyword Search
Performing a keyword search should come after you have determined your target audience and selected your topic. All these are crucial elements that when searching for keywords to use in your blog article. What you need to know is that keywords are an integral part of your search engine rankings. They are the phrases that customers will mainly use when searching for products or information on a given issue.

Writing an article without keywords makes it appear dull and un-competitive. You can forget about the rankings because it will be nowhere near the first pages of the search engines. You can avoid all this by using the right keyword research tools to find the terms that match your topic. Alternatively, you can ask an essay writing service to provide some for you.

Optimize Your Blog Articles Length
Similar to essays, there are rules on the number of words your blog article should achieve for it to be published. Remember, the objective of search engine optimization is to produce an article that is both appealing and readable.

Search engines like Google want their users to enjoy the content, which is both relevant and satisfactory. Therefore, they are shifting to articles that are long enough and have better quality content. To achieve these standards, make sure that your blog article is between 300- 1500 words.

Improve the Blog Article’s Readability
An important rule of writing is that the content you produce should be readable. Your blog article will not be of value if your target audience cannot comprehend what you have written. It is also an essential condition for your article to be ranked.
The rules for improving the readability of your article are simple. Use simple language that is understandable to all. Your choice of vocabulary should be informed by your target audience. Moreover, you have to adhere to the necessary grammatical rules of writing. Also, make use of shorter sentences and paragraphs.

The Bottom Line  
Creation of  SEO friendly blog articles is a process. You get to learn new concepts and rules each day. Following these rules will set you on a path to developing high-quality blog articles. Hopefully, the tips provided in this article will bring you closer to achieving this objective.