Curbing Coronavirus and Dissapointment about Event Cancellations in Bozeman

Angie Ripple  |   Monday Mar. 16th, 2020

At Bozeman Magazine we have curiously and carefully followed updates and news pertaining to the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic with confirmed cases reaching Montana last Friday.

It has not been easy to keep calm and carry on when shelves are bare, events are being canceled and the future is uncertain. We understand that families, students, and individuals are being negatively impacted by the virus, no one will be unaffected by the Coronavirus.

As events and gatherings continue to be canceled or rescheduled we will do our best to update our online calendar to reflect those cancelations. Because this is a day-to-day or hour-to-hour situation we will not always have the correct information when you are looking for it. We suggest that you view our events calendar online, but also contact any venue you are considering visiting to be certain that they are still hosting the event, or are open to the public.

Venues across the nation and the state of Montana are losing ticket revenue and seeing record cancellations. Some of our greatest advertising partners have canceled events and will be closed for an unknown amount of time, even more disruption is likely on its way. Bozeman Magazine will be able to continue for an issue or two, but the effects are very real and the future for both us and our advertising partners at this time are very uncertain.

What can the Bozeman community do?
We know that our community is strong and comes to the rescue of neighbors often, we believe this will continue as COVID-19 continues. Many local businesses will be struggling to keep their doors open, if they are able to, owners and employees already struggling to make ends meet will be most affected. Here are some actionable steps you can take to help our community cope in this uncertain time (gleaned from a variety of resources):

• Don't ask for a refund. If you have tickets to a canceled event consider your purchase as a donation to the venue, artist, event promoter if you are able.

• Instead of going out to your favorite (busy) restaurant, brewery, bar, etc. purchase a gift certificate/card remotely (phone/internet) to continue to support the business, but also flattening the curve of infection by not going out.

•  Use takeout, drive-up or delivery services to continue to support the restaurants you usually enjoy and don't forget to tip the delivery driver!

• Check on neighbors you know that may be having a hard time getting the things they need to self-quarantine, ie. elderly, those with young children, etc.

• Like, share and comment on social media posts from your favorite places, retailers, venues, restaurants, and performers to increase their exposure and show your support.

• Keep checking our site and others you trust for up to date local information. We will be updating our NEWS posts with streaming events, online options for "attending" events, virtual learning opportunities (museum tours) and more.

• If you are not feeling well absolutely stay home, call your healthcare provider if you think you need to be seen.

Bozeman is a very special place, we don't want to see anyone in our community compromised or put out of business due to this pandemic. We will continue to provide the best information about what is transpiring locally to keep our community safe and as entertained as possible. Take care!

Angie Ripple, co-publisher Bozeman Magazine

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