New PoKos Smart Aware TM Patent Injects Privacy into WiFi AwareTM Marketing and User Communications

Tuesday Feb. 12th, 2019

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued PoKos Communications Corp a key patent for improving privacy in communications among nearby and remote devices. PoKos’ U.S. Patent No. 10,206,089 (PoKos S mart Aware TM ) leverages other patented company technology to teach new methods and systems for users to maintain their privacy while taking advantage of network capabilities to discover, communicate and share with marketers, networks and other people around them – both nearby and around the globe.

“This breakthrough technology creates exciting opportunities for people everywhere to extend their communications while controlling their privacy,” exclaims PoKos Founder and CEO timo platt. “People can connect based on their interests, proximity or other desired criteria. But they also want to control the who/what/when/where, or the ‘Four Ws’, that are central to every communication: who they talk to, in what c ontext, and when a nd where t he conversation takes place.”

This critical innovation will be essential to driving the widespread use of Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN), according to PoKos. WiFi AwareTM and NAN offer the allure to marketers and humans of satisfying their implicit yearning to sense what others nearby are thinking, and to connect them with an interesting story. But NAN has not been able to deliver on this promise, because users shun unwanted solicitations, spam, and privacy intrusions. By enabling devices to authenticate without exchanging contact data or other personal information, PoKos Smart AwareTM arms users with control of the Four Ws, thus assuring their trust of NAN/WiFi Aware communications.

NetworkspoweredbyPoKos SmartA wareTMshouldusherinanewgoldeneraof communications, platt predicts: “users will be more willing to share their stories that bring them together – in person, as well as intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and socially – and enhance understanding.

Smart AwareTM is a trademark of PoKos Communications Corp. WiFi AwareTM is a t rademark of WiFi Alliance , the worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi® , a registered trademark of the Alliance.


“From a larger perspective, this invention brings us one step closer to our vision of a communications globe where people are making continuous connections with others, while maintaining their privacy and anonymity,” states platt. “When combined with PoKos sixth-sense technology, users can discover, connect and anonymously share with devices and servers everywhere, creating a universal communications field akin to the earth’s electromagnetic magnetic field or gravitational force”.

The broader PoKos communications platform is thus well-designed to answer the need for a solution to the competing demands of personal privacy and public safety, as highlighted by the continuing public policy standoff between device makers and civil libertarians, on the one hand, and governmental agencies, on the other. The PoKos platform protects users’ identity and privacy via anonymous communications, while enabling public officials with appropriate legal or judicial authority to identify communications relating to terrorist or other unlawful activity.


About PoKos - PoKos Communications Corp is creating the next-gen dial-tone to the Internet, basedonitspatentedsixth-sense,randomizeddeviceIDandPoKos SmartA ware TM technologies. Each component in the PoKos platform extends users’ communications capabilities while improving their privacy. PoKos is based in Bozeman, MT USA.