Ruby Zitzer

Ruby Zitzer was born and raised in Bozeman Montana. She is currently a student at Montana State University studying writing and human development. You will most often find Ruby outside adventuring on the trails and rivers that surround the Bozeman area.

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Epic Adventure In The Backyard From Livingston To Red Lodge By Ski

Ruby Zitzer

Three a.m. on May 7: Bars back in Bozeman have been closed for an hour. Drunk people are still stumbling home. We stand on a rock ledge that is dry and free of snow, a comforting rarity, small pleasures at 10,000 feet. We can look out across the…

One Woman’s Belief in Bozeman’s Ability to Change

Ruby Zitzer

There are countless reasons to live in Bozeman. For me, getting to live here has been a privilege. I have trails right out my front door, a community that supports me, and the opportunity to pick and choose what activity to do for the day. Many of us…

Lights In Darkness

Ruby Zitzer, photos by Joey Wishart

My dad is the type of guy you would go to for advice. He is always a man of reason. He doesn’t often get caught up in drama or conspiracies or paranormal situations. Members of his community, family, and friends call him up for help on…